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Cocktail Dresses for Special Occasions – The Tradition Behind the Fashion Classic

If you are looking for a traditional and festive dress, then you can not avoid a cocktail dress. Of course, as the name suggests, these dresses are also suitable for cocktail parties. However, this type of evening dress can be worn for any occasion. But you should take into account that there are cocktail dresses in different variations on the market and of course in different colors. For each type there is a different recommendation regarding the choice of color.

What are cocktail dresses?

Еin wundervolles Cocktailkleid mit funkelnden Applikationen am Top

Cocktail dresses are ideal summer dresses, because they reach maximum to the calves. In terms of color, cocktail dresses, as already mentioned, can be matched for any occasion. However, the traditional dresses are more likely to be found with a black shade or in a dark red. You can impress with the little black dress in any case.

In general, however, pastel shades are very much in demand nowadays. However, the focus should not only be on the color, but also on the cut. Here you can find numerous variants. If the cocktail dress is worn for a party, then more daring necklines are recommended. For the graduation ball should rather be set on a more elegant dress.

Classics for all occasions

pinkes Cocktailkleid mit Sandalen, Handtasche und Schmuck kombiniert

Cocktail dresses are usually figure-hugging and rather tight-fitting, resulting in the feminine look. However, these dresses are not provocative, because the body-hugging cut is erased by a discreet neckline.

Whether for the youth dedication, confirmation, wedding, party or graduation ball. A cocktail dress is suitable for almost any occasion. Even gaudy colors with shrill patterns are possible here – but just not for every request.

These cocktail dresses are trendy

Cocktailkleider mit Spitze und Cut-Out liegen im Trend

The usual pattern of a cocktail dress is always in fashion. However, as with all pieces, there are other models and these come and go. To avoid a faux pas to the one regarding, fashion should be looked into.

Cocktail dresses with floral pattern

In summer, cocktail dresses with floral patterns are quite suitable. Likewise, these are suitable for birthday parties, barbecues or even at weddings (depending on the dress code). The dress can be combined with pumps or sandals. The shoes should be color coordinated accordingly.

Cocktail dresses with lace

Cocktail dresses with lace will probably never go out of fashion. They look extremely classy and are highly recommended for serious occasions. However, the lace cocktail dress should not be worn with a lace jacket – this could look too playful or simply be “too much”.

Cocktail dresses with cut-out

Cocktail dresses with cut-out are for particularly courageous wearers, because here more skin is shown than is actually usual with these dresses. Especially suitable here also discreet jewelry and simple shoes, which should be color-coordinated.

weißes elegantes Cocktailkleid mit Off-Shoulder und Gürtel

Cocktail dresses with off-shoulder

Always a fashion trend at parties: cocktail dresses with off-shoulder. Especially recommended in summer, because they look elegant and airy. The collarbone and the back are exposed and thus look very elegant. Ideally, discreet jewelry is also worn for this and pumps or chokers.

Colorful or black and white?

As it is often the case, the choice of color should be coordinated with the occasion. Too colorful can be a disadvantage – but so can black and white. Colorful cocktail dresses are an eye-catcher at parties of almost any kind. Eye-catching jewelry can also be worn with this.

What jewelry can be worn with it?

rotes schulterfreies Cocktailkleid mit Herzausschnitt und Strassbesatz

Beautiful short cocktail dresses combined with the right jewelry never go out of fashion. With regard to this, however, attention should also be paid to the right color. White jewelry does not suit every woman. Likewise, the hair color plays a role, provided that it should match perfectly.

In specialized stores or online stores you can find a wide selection of jewelry, which is suitable for cocktail dresses. But not always must be worn for this jewelry, this is a special feature of these dresses. Here, less is – mostly – more. Particularly popular are still rhinestones or even modest jewelry made of wood.

Accessories continue to be a must-have

Glänzende High Heels und mit Perlen und Strassstein verzierte Handtasche

Together with an elegant belt, a cocktail dress (for example, as a ball gown or prom dress) can look much more glamorous and timeless. Generally, accessories succeed in creating an individual design, which can be further enhanced by additional accessories.

In general, however, the motto “Pay attention to the sofisticated details” applies. Especially as an evening dress, this saying is very valuable. Especially in terms of choosing the right handbag and shoes. These accessories can be matched to the dress by the choice of color.

By hanging earrings can emphasize a slender neck and diamond earrings can – if they are discreet enough – provide a serious appearance. Attention should also be paid to whether it is a V-neck or a round neck. Depending on that, not every accessory may be suitable.

If it is about a round neckline, then the typical Iced Out necklaces (also in multi-strand) are suitable. When it comes to a V-neckline, the focus is generally on the center. Here, pearl necklaces are suitable, which are also v-shaped.

With off-shoulder cocktail dresses, an asymmetrical necklace is usually advisable. However, this should in no way be too delicate and can be as long as your own taste desires. The popular waterfall neckline is also mostly seen in these dresses. Here, the necklace should always remain discreet – so rather inconspicuous. Whether gold, silver, blue tone or similar decides on the material.

Frau trägt schulterfreies, langes Cocktailkleid für Weihnachtsparty