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Clean white sneakers – 8 tips with video tutorial

There’s no question about it: white retro sneakers are still in! Whether the Adidas classic “Stan Smith”, the “Superstar” or Nike’s all-time favorite “Air Force 1” – white lace-ups are an absolute must-have! But how do they stay as white as on the first day? Tikbow reveals 8 tips for brilliant white sneakers.

White sneakers are a true all-rounder – elegant and can be combined with really everything. So it’s no wonder that these simple shoes are once again one of the biggest sneaker trends this season. But in the care of this shoe is unfortunately quite complex – wind and weather ensure that the shoes are usually only briefly as white as when purchased. But there are some tips that help to clean white sneakers.

The most important care tips for white sneakers


Leather sneakers need a lot of care to keep them fresh and shiny white for a long time. Therefore, it is especially important to properly impregnate the sneaker before the first wear. Even if this is not a hundred percent dirt repellent, the spray provides a solid base against moisture and light dirt. Tip: Sprays are now also available with a sun protection factor. This protects the shoes from fading and prevents a yellow tint.

Gloss creams

Bei Leder-Sneakern sorgen Gloss creams für ein bleibendes und strahlendes Weiß und geben dem Schuh Feuchtigkeit. Weiße oder auch farblose Schuhcremes schützen besonders den Leder-Schuh vor unschönen Falten und Rissen. Tipp: Wer kein Geld für Cremes ausgeben möchte, kann auch auf Bienenwachs zurückgreifen. Farbloses Bienenwachs ist exakt das, was ein Lederschuh in der Pflege braucht. Den Sneaker ordentlich mit dem reichhaltigen Wachs einreiben und einziehen lassen.

Protect from dust

If you don’t wear your sneakers every day, you know the problem of dust. Unfortunately, white shoes seem to be particularly sensitive to this. A quick remedy is a brush. Without much pressure, most particles can be quickly brushed out. Particularly stubborn dust can often be removed with a lint brush.

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Home remedies to clean white sneakers

Dirt eraser

The eraser, which can be bought for little money in almost every drugstore, is a real all-purpose helper. Especially for rubber shoes, the dirt eraser works wonders.

Baking soda

Baking soda ist ein wahrer Alleskönner – zusammen mit etwas Spülmittel schafft er auch bei verschmutzten Sneakern Abhilfe. Beides einfach im Verhältnis 1:1 in einem kleinen Glas auflösen und die Masse dann in kreisenden Bewegungen auf die Flecken auftragen. Der überschüssige Schaum kann abschließend einfach abgewischt werden.


Einfach einen kleinen Klecks Toothpaste auf eine alte, angefeuchtete Zahnbürste geben. Damit in kleinen Kreisbewegungen die Schuhe abbürsten, bis Schaum entsteht. Den restlichen Schaum anschließend einfach mit einem Handtuch abtupfen.

Bleach for the rubber sole

If nothing else helps, bleach can help: But be careful, bleach is extremely aggressive and should therefore only be used for the rubber sole. To do this, dip a cotton swab in bleach and brush it over the rubber sole. Be sure to use rubber gloves for the procedure and take care not to let the strong bleaching agent drip onto clothing.

For particularly heavy soiling

Depending on the stain, there are different remedies that are particularly effective: Grass stains, for example, can best be removed with alcohol, lanolin helps against black streaks and grease stains, and turpentine provides a basic cleaning. If the leather is off or the dirt is too strong, a correction sponge or pen can help.

Can white sneakers be washed in the washing machine?

White sneakers to wash in the washing machine is at best an emergency solution. If you are unlucky, the shoe will quickly lose its shape or the glue will dissolve if the water temperature is too hot. If you do decide to use the washing machine, put your sneakers in a cloth bag or old pillowcase, use little detergent and switch on the cold wash cycle only. Also important: do not dry leather sneakers under the heater, as damp leather is very sensitive to heat and can quickly become porous. It is better to let them air-dry stuffed with newspaper.