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Christmas party outfits 2022: festive fashion and trendy combinations for women of all ages

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s just the right time to start planning your outfits. Whether you’re planning a longer Christmas with celebrations just with your family and friends, or you want to attend as many glamorous Christmas parties as possible, in this article we have some of the best ideas for Christmas party outfits 2022.

Christmas party outfits for every occasion and age

Christmas party outfits for every occasion

Christmas is the day when you need to look festive, elegant and yet comfortable. It is the time of the year that everyone is eagerly waiting for. So why not celebrate this beautiful holiday in style? Choosing the perfect outfit for the Christmas party is an important task. Age and occasion don’t matter, but it is important to wear something trendy and stylish. Or at least something you think you’ll look good in. Don’t worry, you can effortlessly style a chic Christmas look if you just follow a few styling tips. When it comes to choosing the best Christmas outfits, red, emerald green and burgundy are always the best colors to choose. Red and emerald green add color to neutral outfits and are actually much easier to style than you might think.

Festive looks for women in their 20s

The classic outfit for Christmas - combine a red dress with black boots

  • Red dress: it may sound cheesy, but Christmas is red! Totally red is perfect for Christmas festivities, definitely timeless! For a casual look, you can choose a soft dress with flat shoes or boots instead of heels. If you want to be more fashionable instead, you can go for a sheath dress or a red suit with super glamorous accessories.

Christmas party outfits 2022 - velvet dress in emerald green

  • A touch of velvet: tactile textures in rich hues are in demand during the winter months, and velvet is our fabric of choice this season. There are plenty of dresses and jumpsuits to choose from. There are short styles and elegant midi lengths, as well as sleek silhouettes and unexpected details – like a wrap dress with ties that cinch the waist. For the finishing touch, wear heeled shoes or flat boots and an oversized blazer for an androgynous touch.

Christmas party outfits for ladies 30+

Combine a black jumpsuit with heels for a festive look

  • Jumpsuit and heels: How chic is this all-black jumpsuit? The silhouette is stunning and very flattering. You can easily combine jewelry and shoes to complete the outfit or to make such a classic garment more versatile. Style the look with heels to keep it stylish and understated.

Festive look with sequin leggings and sweater

  • Sequined leggings with sweater: if you are going to a casual party and don’t want to wear a dress or something too fancy, you could choose this outfit. The sequin pants are very glamorous and the high waist would also go with something tucked in (shorter sweater, bodysuit, tank top). You can spice up the look with classic heels or a pair of straps.

Festive fashion for women over 40

Christmas party outfits with shiny sequin skirt in gold

  • Sequined skirt: is there anything better than gold sequins for Christmas? A sequin skirt in gold can be combined with black, and if you think it is a little short, then wear black tights. You can’t go wrong with cozy sweater in winter and this outfit will look great, even with a sweater worn over the shoulder.

Traditional Christmas outfit with swallowtail dress

  • Swallowtail Dress: The simple plaid swallowtail dress makes you beautiful and incredibly comfortable for Christmas party. This model always has an elegant and luxurious beauty with a slightly flared skirt design, so it can fully show off your body curves.

What to wear for Christmas if you are over 50?

Stylish look with classic black dress and red blazer for Christmas party

  • Crop blazer with black lace dress: In this party outfit, style a black mini dress with a cinched hem with a red blazer. Add to it a pair of stylish earrings and a light makeup to complete the outfit. Last but not least, carry a nice black handbag and if you don’t know what shoes to wear with this dress, choose a classic pair of black pointed heels.

Combine white pants and red sweater - an outfit in the festive colors

  • White pants and red sweater: a red turtleneck sweater and white pants are such a nice and chic outfit for the most festive time of the year!

Christmas party outfits for women 60+

Be trendy and elegant with garments made of velvet

  • Combining velvet outfits: This is what we call simple party outfit with a velvet top and stylish velvet jeans. You can make a statement with accessories by simply adding party shoes, bag and jewelry to a simple look.

Christmas party outfits 2022 - the classic black dress is always the right choice

  • Black Dress: A great black dress can literally go with you anywhere, and the great thing is that you can change your accessories year after year to make it look completely different every party season. There’s a reason why black has remained a popular evening color throughout the century. Darker colors are less memorable and therefore can be worn much more often. You can choose a dress that is flattering but understated and accent with your outerwear, shoes and accessories. An eye-catching necklace or earrings will add glamour.