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Christmas market outfit 2022: Warm and stylish women’s and men’s clothing to visit the Christmas market!

It’s officially December! Are you feeling festive? If you’re not in the Christmas spirit yet, read on and we’ll be sure to change your mind. What better way to prepare for Christmas 2022 than by visiting a Christmas market? From shopping for gifts and unique Christmas decorations to eating a variety of treats, Christmas markets are the perfect way to kick off the holidays. If you are planning to visit the Christmas market this weekend, you should prepare the right Christmas market outfit today! We’ve compiled the latest inspirations for trendy women’s and men’s 2022 outfits that are sure to turn heads.

Women’s and men’s Christmas market outfit 2022 – warm jacket or quilted coat

Cozy coats and jackets for winter 2022 - women's clothing

If you want to visit the Christmas market, the right jacket is the key. You need to stay warm, cozy and dry, even if it’s snowing or drizzling. Cold weather and Christmas markets go hand in hand. This means that what you put on over your Christmas outfit is just as important as the outfit itself.

Oversize coat for women - visit Christmas market and look stylish

Also, your jacket is going to be in all the photos, that’s why you put on a cool and comfortable quilted coat, a down jacket or a stylish coat.

Men's clothing for the Christmas market 2022 - warm jackets

Add color accents with coats in burgundy, khaki and dark orange or give your look a touch of winter mood with chic, cream, ice blue and silver models.

Christmas market outfit – thermal underwear for the coldest days.

Thermal underwear for the coldest days when you visit the Christmas market

Instead of bulking up your look with heavy coats and sweaters, you can wear thermal underwear that is thin and still keeps you much warmer. Merino wool is great to wear even if you’re usually hot, because it’s breathable and thermoregulating, so you won’t overheat in it. It’s also moisture-wicking and won’t smell even after repeated wear.

Feel festive with a Christmas sweater

Feel festive with a Christmas sweater - Christmas market outfit 2022 for women and men

If you’ve been waiting for the moment to show off your brand new Christmas sweater like we have, now’s your chance! Whether you love edgy designs or can’t get enough of trendy patterns and glittery styles, Christmas markets and festive knits are the perfect combination.

Christmas sweater wear to visit the Christmas market

This year, we are obsessed with sequin details and glitter elements. They add a touch of glamour to our Christmas markets, because as with most things in life, the more glitter the better.

Stay cozy with trendy layering

Stay cozy with trendy clothing layers - women's clothing winter 2022

Going to the Christmas markets in the cold means one thing: layering! Maximize warmth by opting for trendy layers of textured fabrics and rugged designs. Think cozy cardigans and comfy sweaters to insulate the rest of your Christmas wardrobe.

Christmas market outfit for men 2022 - Stay cozy with trendy clothing layers

You can also play with different necklines to add extra style points. We love wearing turtlenecks under scoop neck sweaters and button up cardigans. Cozy and stylish – that’s the motto for this season!

Christmas market outfit 2022 – Choose practical jeans

Christmas market outfit 2022 - choose practical jeans

To protect yourself from the cold, wear chic and modern jeans. Keep it classic by combining straight cut jeans with sneakers or ankle boots , or spice up your look with trendy wide leg jeans and heeled boots. Nothing goes better with Christmas than brand new jeans and a festive sweater.

Your accessories for cold weather

Accessories for winter 2022-2023

Hats, scarves and gloves are a must-have for any Christmas market look and will keep you cozy and stylish.

Your cold weather accessory - women's and men's clothing 2022

Spice up your winter attire with a plaid or animal print scarf, and add some coziness to your combinations with a knitted pom-pom hat.

Fashion trends winter 2022-2023 - cozy clothes for women

  • Cap or hat

Funnily enough, at this time of year, it’s especially important to keep your head warm. Just because the cold winds have set in doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style.

Hat or peaked cap to wear at the Christmas market

There is no right or wrong choice of a winter hat or cap. It’s a very personal statement, and every man has different style requirements and tastes.

Christmas market outfit 2022 - Warm and stylish women's and men's clothing to visit the Christmas market.

  • Gloves

It’s the gloves that matter. Aside from a good hat that will last through the next cold winter months, you should look for the same good quality in a good pair of gloves. If you haven’t already, be sure to invest in gloves this season, as they are not only a practical accessory, but can add a unique touch to your winter look.

Refresh your color scheme

Warm outfit for Christmas market visit for men

Traditional winter wardrobes tend to be dark colors, but you should break the rules – especially if you have a Christmas market visit coming up! Instead of navy blue and black, freshen up your winter wardrobe with warm tones, from chocolate brown and taupe to dark orange and mustard yellow. These retro tones are also the perfect way to pick up on this season’s 70s trend – it’s a good, Christmasy vibe.

Christmas market outfit 2022: put on thick, warm boots.

Christmas market outfit 2022 - put on thick, warm boots

The last thing you want is cold, wet feet while exploring the beautiful Christmas markets in Germany. Be sure to bring a good pair of waterproof boots, preferably with a warm thermal layer inside so your toes don’t freeze. Also, make sure they have a good grip because you’ll be doing a lot of walking, often on slippery, snowy surfaces or rough cobblestone streets.

Thick, warm winter boots for men - fashion trends 2022-2023