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Chiara Ferragni came in breastplate with nipple piercing

At the “GQ Men of the Year 2021” gala, a woman made a grand entrance this time: Italian fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni was named “Woman of the Year” and accepted the award in a look that had it all. A style check!

While most of the guests showed up to the glamour gala in Berlin-Mitte in a fine dress or suit, social media star and entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni did her very own thing. The 34-year-old, who has more than 25 million followers (!) on Instagram alone, unceremoniously dispensed with a fabric top and instead strapped on a kind of metal bra that gave off a certain Goldfinger vibe. It was a golden breastplate that traced her contours and seemed to be cast on her body – nipples and nipple piercing included. The construction was held only by a few ties at the neck and waist, otherwise her back remained naked. Very sexy!

Chiara Ferragni
Given the amount of gold, there was no need for necklaces anyway, but the XXL chain was conveniently integrated directly into the top.Photo: Getty Images

The chic eye-catching “top” was a creation of the Italian haute couture house Schiaparelli, which was also responsible for the crass outfits of Lady Gaga’s latest Vogue cover shoot and was also behind Bella Hadid’s gold lung from the Cannes Film Festival. In contrast, Chiara Ferragni’s outfit turned out almost harmless, but scored with the nötige style factor.

Chiara Ferragni – golden barefoot shoes to the breastplate

The mom-of-two wore a pair of black, silky pleated pants for her luxe getup. In an Instagram video, matching and accordingly special “footwear‘ peeked out from underneath the top, to a certain extent barefoot shoes of a somewhat different kind. The luxury kicks looked like golden toes with silver nail polish and were apparently made of the same material as her breastplate.

Certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but they rounded off Chiara Ferragni’s artistic look perfectly that evening. And who knows, maybe bare feet de luxe and breastplates will be the next big thing – after all, Ferragni has been setting trends as a fashion influencer and entrepreneur since 2009. The only question that remains is how comfortable the whole thing is…