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Breastfeeding with nipple piercing – is it okay?

A nipple piercing emphasizes the bust and is one of the most erotic accessories. But what does it mean when you get pierced in this sensitive spot? How quickly does it heal – and what happens when you become a mother and want to breastfeed your baby? Tikbow asked experts.

After piercing you need quite a lot of patience and discipline. A nipple piercing usually does not heal as quickly as other piercings. But how well something heals also varies greatly from person to person,” says Dr. Alice Martin, dermatologist and co-founder of the Dermanostic telepractice. According to one study, a nipple piercing can take six to 12 months to heal.

Infections occur in ten to 20 percent of stung people. To avoid them, it is best to touch the nipples only with disinfected hands after stinging. Swimming, whether in the pool or the sea, should be avoided for the time being. Chlorine can irritate the sore spots, germs can penetrate and cause inflammation. It is also good to avoid friction – so rather wear airy clothes for a while.

Can I breastfeed with a nipple piercing?

Life circumstances can – change. So what if you have a baby and want to give your baby the breast? Can a nipple piercing destroy important tissue and make breastfeeding impossible? "It can happen that piercings block the milk ducts", says Dr. med. Mandy Mangler, chief physician for gynecology and obstetrics at the Vivantes Auguste-Viktoria-Klinikum in Berlin. If the piercings are removed, there should not normally be any problems with breastfeeding. However, it can happen that milk leaks through the piercing holes on the left and right of the nipple;

The gynecologist does not consider nipple piercings and breastfeeding to be compatible in principle. You should remove the piercings for breastfeeding in any case, if only so that the baby doesn’t accidentally swallow them,” she warns. "It is also not advisable to reinsert the piercings after breastfeeding. The nipple is often already strained and painful from breastfeeding alone, and a piercing can make it even worse." In addition, the risk of nipple and breast soreness increases, because piercings allow germs to enter more easily.

Will nipple holes close up again?

"Depending on how many skin barriers and also cartilage you break through, it takes different lengths of time for a hole to heal again", knows dermatologist Dr. Alice Martin. With nipple piercings, it can happen that the holes only heal superficially. So if you try to pierce the surface with a piercing, you quickly notice that the tunnel is still there." Theoretically, you could tighten the löcher, but the dermatologist advises against it: Every stitch also leaves a scar, and surgery always carries the risk of infection. She would only operate on huge tunnel earrings, because such large holes do not grow back together on their own;