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Bra + blazer as a trend combo in spring: So chic can be styled the new fashion trend in spring 2022!

Although it’s still a bit chilly outside, one thing is for sure – spring has finally arrived! As soon as the temperatures rise, we can hardly wait to show a little more skin. Now that we’ve introduced you to the latest shoe trends for 2022, it’s time for a little outfit update. How many times have you stood haphazardly in front of your closet, not knowing which shirt or t-shirt would go with your new skirt or favorite pair of pants? How about just walking out the door without a blouse? Yes, you read it right! Bra + blazer as a trend combo in spring is the new favorite look of all fashionistas and has already taken the fashion world by storm. We know – that sounds a little strange at first glance and takes some getting used to. But with a few subtle styling tips and tricks, it turns into a really cool and everyday look that is guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? Then read on to find out the best way to combine a bra and blazer.

Bra + blazer trend combo in spring 2022: this is how cool looks the fashion trend

Bra + blazer trend combo spring trend colors spring 2022.

Whether chic jackets, airy dresses or cut-outs as a trend – fashion in spring 2022 is more exciting and bold than ever before. But fashion designers are going one step further for the upcoming season and the bra + blazer trend combo has become the ultimate trend look. So if you want to stay on trend, forgo any shirts and blouses and just wear the lingerie over it instead of under it.

Bralette fashion trend spring 2022 bra + blazer trend combo spring

Blazers have said goodbye to their stuffy image and have become the ultimate all-rounder. The trendy bra and blazer combo has been all over the runways and numerous celebs are showing us how chic and everyday the look actually is. And if you love experimenting with new and bolder combinations, then you should definitely give the fashion trend a chance.

For which occasion can we combine bra and blazer

Combining check patterns in summer Bra + blazer trend combo spring

One thing in advance – Bra + blazer as a trend combo in spring 2022 is undoubtedly only something for very brave women. Although the trend itself looks really cool and chic, you already feel a little naked at first. To venture out the door without a T-shirt or blouse requires a bit of courage and self-confidence. However, if you dare to take the step, you will definitely not regret it – we promise.

Combine leather pants spring 2022 bra + blazer trend combo spring.

Why we love the fashion trend? Depending on how you combine the bra and blazer, you can create lots of great outfits with it. Whether it’s for dinner, a wild party night or a little shopping trip with the girls – the styling possibilities are literally endless and the bra+ blazer trend combo in spring works wonderfully for any occasion.

Bra + blazer trend combo spring trouser trends 2022 summer

You can play with colors, patterns and fabrics. Get bold with lace bras or keep it a little more simple with a sports bra. With the new fashion trend, the sky is the limit and the looks are real eye-catchers without being too vulgar.

When styling, make sure you choose the right blazer

Combine white pants 2022 Bra + blazer trend combo spring

To make the bra + blazer trend combo work in spring, you should pay special attention to the right blazer when styling. Oversized blazers in all imaginable colors are totally hip this season and are perfect for this. Due to the casual cut, you can still venture into the trend without having to show too much skin at once.

Shoe Trends Spring 2022 Bra + Blazer Trend Combo Spring

A simple bra top in muted colors, such as black or gray, is the perfect complement for a fancy look. The trendy pieces look modern and always create a WOW effect. Whether you wear a skirt or cloth pants with it, depends on the occasion and your own taste – everything is allowed, what one likes. If you feel particularly brave, you can wear the blazer open calmly. The only important thing is that the bra is made of an opaque material.

Bra + blazer trend combo in spring for a sporty look

Bra + blazer trend combo spring jeans trends spring 2022

You love it a little more sporty and comfortable? No problem, because the athleisure look has been holding its own for a few seasons now and will continue to stay with us this year. The bra + blazer trend combo actually works with a wide variety of bra styles. Casual, super casual and still very chic – leave your t-shirt in the closet and pair your jeans with a sports bra and an oversized blazer instead.

Bra + blazer trend combo spring fashion trends spring summer 2022

The result? A cool look that is guaranteed to catch everyone’s eyes. As for the colors, you can really go wild here. While sports bras in black and white look rather restrained, bold neon colors feel wonderfully refreshing and light in spring.

Bra + blazer trend combo in spring: this is how chic the fashion trend looks in 2022

Combine bra and blazer 2022 Shorts outfit for the office

Bra and blazer gives even the simplest jeans outfit that certain something

Bra and blazer combine fashion trends spring 2022

Oversized blazer and sports bra make for a cool style break

Pantsuit Trend Spring 2022 Bra + Blazer Trend Combo Spring

Bra + blazer as a spring trend combo works for any occasion

Combine midi skirt for the office bra + blazer trend combo spring.

The trend is super easy to style in everyday life and is always a real eye-catcher

Combine jeans with high heels Bra + blazer trend combo spring