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Boot trends fall 2022: These models are totally hip and bring us stylishly through the cold season!

It’s already September and that means it’s time to put our beloved sandals back in the basement. Without a doubt, the end of summer always makes us feel a bit melancholic, but the cooler season has its good points too! Cozy sweaters, chic coats, elegant knitted dresses, etc – fall fashion 2022 is more exciting than it has been in a long time and we can’t wait to try out all the new fashion trends. But what is the best possible way to brave the cold and gloomy weather in a stylish way? With new boots, of course! The sturdy footwear is THE everyday shoe par excellence and the future of footwear in the coming months is promising. Are you already creating your shopping list for the new season? Then you’ve come to the right place! In today’s article we have compiled for you the coolest boot trends fall 2022, which will bring a breath of fresh air into our wardrobe. Enough talk! Read on and clean out that shoe closet!

Fall 2022 boot trends: knee-high boots are back

knee high boots trends 2022 fall fashion outfits ladies

A quality pair of boots is an investment that always pays off and with new shoes, our jeans, sweaters and leather jackets get a fresh aesthetic. All good things eventually return and that goes for fall 2022 boot trends as well. Knee-high boots were out of the picture for a few seasons, but are making a huge comeback this year. Numerous designers, such as Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior, have included the classic in their collections and thankfully brought it back to life.

Knee high heeled boots shoe trends autumn winter 2022 23

Whether flat, heeled, leather or denim – knee-high boots come in a wide variety of styles and should not be missing from any shoe closet. The models reach just below the knee and are real all-rounders when it comes to styling. Already in summer, many fashionistas wear the knee-high boots with shorts or mini skirts and dresses. Also in the colder months, the boots can be combined with dresses and make a great figure. In addition, a beautiful coat and ready is your chic autumn outfits.

Overknee boots are en vogue again

Fall fashion 2022 overknee boots trends fall 2022

Sometimes they are “in”, sometimes not – with overknees, the fashion world has had a special on-off relationship for years. But this season, our love for the eye-catching shoes is reignited and overknee boots are definitely one of the chicest and coolest boot trends for fall 2022. After all, we’re not surprised, because overknee boots are a real eye-catcher and also keep our legs quite warm. The boots were seen everywhere on the catwalks – but with a small upgrade. This season, the models are so high that they almost reach the thighs and look like leggings.

Oversized shirt blouse combine are overknee boots trends 2022

When it comes to styling, all fashion girls and designers agree: if you want to join the trend, combine over-the-knee boots with short dresses and skirts. Models with heels are too daring for you? The fall 2022 boot trends have the perfect solution for you too. Flat overknee boots are a more discreet and yet equally chic alternative to approach the fashion trend. Boots with a wide shaft are also totally in and the loose silhouette makes for a casual and cool appearance.

Cowboy boots as one of the biggest boot trends in fall 2022

Cowboy boots fashion trend boots trends fall 2022

Girls, the Western is calling! Chic cowboy boots were already a total hit a few seasons ago and are now already back among the biggest boot trends in fall 2022. Whether up to the knee, ankle-high, with a fine heel or flat – cowboy boots can be found in all imaginable variations and give our outfits a unique country touch.

Summer dresses in winter wear cowboy boots fashion trend fall 2022

There are also no limits to your creativity when it comes to styling. Sometimes with short skirts and dresses, jeans or even with pantsuits for the office – cowboy boots go perfectly with almost everything and always look great. And the best part? The slightly slanted heel and loose shaft make the boots feel wonderfully comfortable.

Rubber boots are THE trend shoe in fall and winter

Boots trends autumn 2022 rubber boots elegant combine

Fall fashion 2022 is first and foremost about breaking the stereotypes. Probably the most unexpected fashion trend this year? Rubber boots we wear only in the garden and in the rain? Far from it! The practical boots are returning to the trend radar and numerous fashionistas have rediscovered them for themselves and made them suitable for everyday wear. This year, the rubber shoe has received a refreshing upgrade and comes in a variety of designs and colors. Sometimes with details and ornaments, sometimes in bright trendy colors like orange and pink – fashionable rubber boots are among the absolute must-haves of the year and let us walk stylishly through the rainy days.

Rubber boots combine with dress boots trends autumn 2022

But what can we combine rubber boots with? The answer is actually quite simple – with any piece of clothing from our closet! Whether in a style break with playful summer dresses and skirts or with jeans and a sweater – rubber boots simply always go and give our outfits a casual yet modern touch.

Platform boots for a retro look

Platform ankle boots fashion trend boots trends fall 2022

Our enthusiasm for sky-high platforms is not over yet! Platform sandals already caused plenty of excitement in the summer and the retro look goes into the next round with the cold season! Designers like Versace, Valentino and Balmain are here to satisfy our appetite for the retro shoes and platform boots are definitely one of the fall 2022 boot trends to keep in mind. Especially ankle boots with a chunky approach, the trendy shoes remind us of the 70s and 80s and have taken our hearts by storm.

Platform ankle boots fashion trend boots trends fall 2022

For the ultimate retro look, we love to wear the platform boots with flared jeans, which are one of the most popular jeans trends in fall 2022 anyway. The thick platform makes our legs look longer and slimmer – what’s not to love? To enhance the effect, pair the boots with wide pants or long maxi dresses. And if you’re in a party mood or like to experiment with your outfits, wear a short mini dress with them.

Statement Heels

Kitten heels fashion trend boots trends autumn 2022

Forget the classic and popular high heels – fall 2022 boot trends invite us to experiment and discover new shapes. Statement heels are the latest fashion craze, transforming even the plainest everyday outfit into a unique eye-catcher. With the new trend it is not about a specific look and the range of models is really huge. Whether sugary sweet kitten heels, slightly angled or true works of art, such as statues, balloons or lipstick heels – absolutely everything is there. The rule is: the more eye-catching, the better – so perfect for all those who like to experiment!

Boots trends autumn 2022 cowboy boots fashion trend