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“Birkinstocks” – Kylie Jenner is now traipsing in 62,000-euro slippers.

With Kylie Jenner, everything is always a bit bigger, more extravagant and more expensive. So is her new footwear: the self-made billionaire now traipses in the equivalent of 62,000 euros worth of slippers – made from the leather of one of the most famous bags in the world: the “Birkin Bag” by Hèrmes.

In her Instagram story, she showed the shoes in the typical orange Hèrmes packaging and thanked the New York art collective Mschf. That is behind the so-called "Birkinstocks" of Kylie Jenner, as it is printed in gold letters on the leather. And in fact, the slippers are reminiscent of classic Birkenstocks. However, there is no official collaboration between the traditional German brand and the luxury bag designer.

Kylie Jenner’s "Birkinstocks"

"The Birkin bag is the new flagship luxury material for us", greet the designers. For the on a total of only ten pairs "Birkinstocks" they bought four Birkin Bags – which can cost between 30,000 and 500,000 euros depending on the leather – and cut them up into their individual parts. In combination with the cork sole of Birkenstocks, they then became a unique collector’s item that not only adorns Kylie Jenner’s feet. Rapper Future and US singer Kehlani can also call the shoes their own.

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In itself a clever investment, if you can get the handsome purchase price together. However, there is another catch: The "Birkinstocks" are partly made of crocodile or Straußenleder made – depending on the Hèrmes bag from which the material comes. The breeding and tötung of the animals has been controversial for years.