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Bikini Trends 2022: Cut Out Bikinis are the fashion craze this summer and celebrities love them

Cut-out bikinis are an absolute no-no for some, as the risk of unsightly tan lines is too great. But since swimsuits with cut outs are a big summer fashion trend in 2022, you might want to change your mind.

Why you should choose cut out bikinis

The choice of swimwear is endless - from cut out bikinis to neon models

Cut-out dress is already ubiquitous, and now designer labels are continuing the trend in their swimwear collections. Some brands, inspired by minimalist silhouettes that celebrate the female form, have several cut-out bikinis with fancy details on offer this season. This way, you can show off your distinctive style both in the water and on land.

Bikini trends 2022 - cut out bikinis are the fashion craze this summer

The selection of swimwear is endless – from bikinis with ruffles to neon models. But if you really want to make a big statement on your next swim day, a one-piece swimsuit with a cut-out is just the thing. Whether it’s a minimal slit at the waist or a keyhole in the center of the neckline, these revealing elements will turn any beach visit into a glamorous moment.

Summer season 2022 are several cut out bikinis with fancy details on offer

The beauty of cut out bikinis lies in their versatility. Pair them with flowing linen pants or a wrap skirt after bathing and drying off, and – voila – the one-piece cut-out swimsuit instantly transforms into a top you can easily wear to a post-beach dinner or any other evening festivities. The designers have created swimsuits that can rival any going out top.

Why should you choose cut out bikinis

If you’re ready to give this 2022 bikini trend a boost, read on to see the coolest cutout swimsuits that will wow you this summer.

Celebrities who love cut out bikinis

Celebrities love to wear all sorts of styles and trends when it comes to their swimsuits

Celebrities love to wear all kinds of styles and trends when it comes to their swimsuits. Whether it’s a swimwear that has a piece of fabric cut out on the sides, or a one-piece that is missing different parts of the fabric, these stars have been killing the cut out bikini trend!

Kylie Jenner shows off her famous curves in a cut out swimsuit

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters in particular can’t get enough of showing off their famous curves in cut out bikinis. Dua Lipa also recently posted her bikini with a waist cutout.

Dua Lipa posted her bikini with a cut-out waistline

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The two most important rules when choosing swimwear

Cut out dress is everywhere, and now designers are introducing this trend in swimwear as well

When buying swimwear, there are two rules to follow:

The beauty of cut out bikinis lies in their versatility

First, don’t try on swimwear in the store changing room. Cut out bikinis should make you feel like you are on a hot summer day – relaxed, confident and tanned. You can’t have that feeling in fluorescent light. That’s why we recommend: Pick up your swimsuit at the store or order it online, go home, put on some self-tanner, put on some music, and make trying on a swimsuit a fun, positive experience.

The one-piece swimsuit can easily transform into a top

Second, remember that swimwear trends are mostly just suggestions. At the end of the day, the only trend that really matters is being comfortable in your own skin.

Bring your unique style to the beach too with these bikini styles

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A brief history of the swimsuit

Are you ready to give a boost to the cut out bikini trend 2022

From the 18th century until today, swimwear for women has undergone unprecedented changes. The evolution of women’s swimwear throughout history reflects sociological and technological factors, making the garment a barometer of the times.

In July 1946, for the first time in the history of swimwear, fashion designer Louis Reard introduced a smaller and more revealing two-piece, which he christened “Bikini”. His design was so revealing and daring that no runway model wanted to wear it, so he was forced to hire a nude dancer from the Casino de Paris to present it on the catwalk.

Bikinis were barely accepted, and in the early years they were banned from beaches in many countries because they were considered indecent. However, thanks to movie stars and celebrities, the bikini became a symbol of the sexual revolution that later took hold in society. Bikinis then became widespread and even today, in all their variations and patterns, are one of the most common items of clothing for the summer.