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Belts for women – the best styling tips

They should prevent the slipping of pants or skirt or as an accessory simply conjure up a great silhouette – belts are extremely versatile and can quickly spice up a simple outfit. But not every shape looks equally good on every figure. Tikbow reveals which belt best suits which figure and which outfit – and which styling mistakes women should better avoid.

Narrow waist belt

Narrow belt
A narrow belt conjures a straight waist more feminine and gives voluminous pieces a little more shape.Photo: Getty Images

Who can wear it?
Narrow waist belts can in principle wear anyone. But they are a particularly sophisticated accessory for tall, slim women with a straight waist: the thin belt emphasizes the waist and thus creates the impression of a curvier silhouette.

How to style it?
Tight waist belts are best suited for voluminous pieces like trendy flouncy dresses, because they draw the focus to the waist and give even baggy pieces more shape.

Please do not do that under any circumstances!
A narrow belt please do not wear on the hüfte, because it looks quickly lost!

Very wide waist belt

Wide waist belt
Wide waist belts are still one of the absolute must-haves.Photo: Getty Images

Who can wear it?
Wide waist belts are especially suitable for curvy women who already have a defined waist. Best example: hourglass types like Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian. The wide belt puts the female shape even more in scene.

How to style it?
Extremely wide waist belts set a highlight and enhance plain basic pieces. XXL versions in corset style can, for example, be worn nicely over blouses and T-shirts. Wide waist belts are also suitable for visually dividing a loosely falling dress or a jumpsuit. In 2021, the wide straps may also be worn – over blazers or coats, especially if they are equipped with a statement buckle.

Please do not do that under any circumstances!
A very wide waist belt serves only as a decorative piece. Who needs support for the slipping pants, should better reach for the Hüftgürtel. Also, other jewelry should be waived, because the belt is already very much in focus.

Medium wide belt over blazer or vest

Street style with blazer and belt
The belt does not go longer under, but ÜBER the blazer.Photo: Getty Images

Who can wear it?
Everyone. Be aware, however, that just the combo überm blazer attracts many glances – it is an ultra-fashion statement. Very curvy women benefit from the medium-width waist belt additionally: they draw attention to the narrowest part of the body and conjure up a beautiful hourglass silhouette.

How to style it?
With a few simple steps you can change your whole look: Just buckle the belt to the narrowest part of the upper body! Apart from the blazer, this version looks especially feminine with an airy midi dress, business looks get a nifty style upgrade.

Please do not do that under any circumstances!
If you are very small, you should avoid too wide gürtel, because they make the figure look stockier.


Street style with belt
The Hüftgürtel is the classic among the Gürtel – and probably never comes out of fashionPhoto: Getty Images

Who can wear it?
Hüftgürtel are so 2000 that they are now again about in the trend. Especially they look good on women with androgynous figures, because they additionally emphasized a narrow hüfte.

How to style it?
Since the 00s have long since made the leap into the present – keyword Y2K fashion –, of course, everything that went back then, even the hated by many Hüfthose goes. But even if you don’t want to pull the thong over and the pants almost under your buttocks, you can still wear hip belts today. It looks best above skirts, high-waisted trousers and even blazers.

Please do not do that under any circumstances!
Even if the 00s and thus the Hüftgürtel backück are: Please check in advance whether the look with belly-free and string is not too much Nineties! And: Please never pull the gown on top of your dress. This not only looks anything but stylish, it also visually shortens the legs.

The Gürteltasche

The fanny pack in wide belt look not only enhances the look, but also skillfully puts the waist in the limelightPhoto: Getty Images

Who can wear them? 
All fans of the fanny pack who have just been waiting for an elegant update. This combination of bag and belt creates additional volume, so the bag fits especially well (but not exclusively!) to androgynous figures.

How to style it?
Most important style rule: If you choose this belt, please do without additional pockets, otherwise the optical Üttigung threatens. Ideally, the Gürteltasche accompanies you on a chic city trip or simply any occasion where it requires only a few souvenirs: lipstick, wallet, chewing gum – für small things is also in this Gürtel space.

Please do not do that under any circumstances!
Ideally, you combine the Gürteltasche elegant and with a monochrome outfit. Auffällige patterns make the look too restless.