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Baggy pants as a fashion trend in spring 2022: So cool can be styled the casual pants!

The turn of the year is always the perfect time for us to update our outfits. Whether it’s cut outs, platform shoes or low rise jeans, the 90s and 00s are making a big comeback this year and have already taken the fashion world by storm. It’s only April, but the trend merry-go-round continues to spin and yet another garment from the past is now finding its way back into our closets. If you’re getting tired of your skinny jeans and want something more comfortable but cool at the same time, we have good news for you! Baggy pants as a spring 2022 fashion trend are back and have become the ultimate must-have for all fashion girls. Okay, but what is the best way to style them? Whether casual for everyday wear or even a style break with a blazer and high heels – we’ve taken a look around for you and tell you how to properly showcase the wide pants! So read on and get ready for a little shopping tour.

Baggy pants are back as a fashion trend in spring 2022

Baggy jeans fashion trend spring 2022 combine wide pants

Although the pants trends for 2022 are incredibly diverse, they all have something in common. The hottest styles this spring are characterized by a casual look and wide, comfortable cuts. Therefore, we are not surprised that baggy pants are back in vogue and we can’t imagine our closets without them. Translated from English, “baggy” means something like “baggy” and that pretty much explains everything. The absolute trademark of the 90s fashion trend is the super voluminous and extra-wide silhouette. Due to the casual cut, baggy pants are not only true eye-catchers, but also wonderfully comfortable.

Feeling outfit ideas for everyday baggy jeans combine

The baggy pants trend is actually not a new fashion trend and the casual pants were very popular with hip-hop stars in the 90s. However, something has changed this year and the baggy pants we no longer wear so low that you can say our underwear. On the contrary, the fashion trend in spring 2022 looks much more adult and sits above the hip bone or waist.

Combine fabric pants spring baggy pants fashion trend 2022

And the best part? Whether as jeans or fabric pants – baggy pants are a real all-rounder when it comes to styling and can be wonderfully styled for absolutely any occasion. Sometimes ultra-long, sometimes short, with low or high waist – the selection of models is really huge and there is guaranteed for every taste and style the right model.

Who can wear the wide fabric pants?

Pants trends spring 2022 baggy pants combine in everyday life

Admittedly, at first glance baggy pants look a bit bulky and take some getting used to. But here is the good news! The loose and wide fit is actually a real all-rounder, so absolutely every woman could wear baggy pants. The pants trend is not only indescribably comfortable, but can hide minor problem areas.

Baggy Pants fashion trends spring 2022 combine wide pants with boots

The casual and loose cut is best suited to conceal stronger thighs in a chic way. Slightly shorter models, on the other hand, or in combination with high heels make our legs appear visually longer.

Combine baggy pants casually in everyday life

Baggy Pants Trend 2022 Combine trench coat with sneakers.

Comfortable, chic and modern – that’s what the perfect everyday outfit looks like for us. And baggy jeans as a fashion trend in spring 2022 are just perfect for it! It is the simplest combination of all time: T-shirts and sneakers with wide fabric pants. Crop tops are also totally in this season and a great way to show a little more skin. Rough combat boots are a great and equally modern alternative to sneakers and add an exciting touch to the outfit.

What shoes to combine with wide jeans baggy pants fashion trend 2022.

Outside is still a little cooler for a T-shirt? Then combine the baggy jeans with a casual hoodie. The look looks especially cool if you tuck the top loosely into the waistband of the pants. The result? A really cool retro outfit that is guaranteed to catch the eye. In order for the styling to succeed, you should mainly make sure that the proportions are right.

The pants trend can also be styled in a style break in spring 2022

Trend colors spring 2022 combine baggy pants for the office

The casual baggy pants as a fashion trend in spring 2022 are only suitable for everyday life? We and the fashion professionals see it quite differently! Breaking styles and combining casual and dressy clothes is a styling formula that simply always works. The wide fabric pants can even work for a cool business look or a formal dinner. An oversize blazer should not be missing in any closet and the perfect counterpart to the casual baggy jeans.  Add chic high heels or timeless loafers and you are perfectly dressed!

Combine baggy pants and boots

Jeans and boots combine white baggy pants fashion trend spring 2022

Do you love to experiment with your outfits and draw attention to yourself? Then we have the perfect trend combo for you! Baggy jeans with sneakers or platform shoes are always a safe choice, but how about tucking your wide fabric pants into your boots? The look might take a little getting used to, but it makes a decent impact and definitely catches the eye right away. A chic trench coat rounds off the whole ensemble perfectly and adds a touch of timeless elegance to the outfit.

Combining baggy pants: So chic looks the fashion trend in spring 2022!

wie Baggy jeans combine pants trends spring 2022

For a casual and at the same time chic everyday look we combine the wide fabric pants best with sneakers

Leather coat trend spring 2022 sneakers and baggy jeans combine

Crop tops and baggy jeans are THE trend combination of the season

Combine leather shirt baggy jeans fashion trend spring 2022

The pants trend is not only super comfortable, but also really chic

Baggy jeans combine pants trends spring 2022

An elegant blazer gives the casual cut an adult and modern touch

Combine baggy jeans with blazer pants trends spring 2022

Or go all out and combine baggy pants with sneakers and an oversized blazer

Baggy jeans fashion trend 2022 blazer and sneakers combine

In combination with elegant high heels casual pants immediately looks much more classy

Baggy pants fashion trend 2022 wide fabric pants combine in spring

Even the stars love the baggy pants

Baggy pants combine what shoes to wear with wide pants

The pants trend is ideal for a comfortable yet chic look

Combine jeans and shirt baggy pants trend spring 2022