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9 reasons not to just throw away the silica gel sachet

We have all held them in our hands at one time or another and usually disposed of the small sachets immediately. But the little balls in the boxes of new shoes, in bags or electrical appliances are real all-rounders. Tikbow reveals what silica gel, also known as silica gel, can do.

What do you do with silica gel?

The word “silica gel” or “silica gel” does not immediately click with everyone: Rather, we know it as the little paper bag that is enclosed in a wide variety of packaging (for example, shoe boxes) – and that usually goes straight into the garbage can. A mistake, because the silica gels can not only protect the products with which they are sold from moisture, but also have other, many uses.

9 reasons why we should not dispose of silica gel

1. protect silver jewelry from tarnishing

The reason why silver tarnishes is the humidity in the room. From now on, we can save ourselves the annoying cleaning of silver jewelry by putting a small silica gel bag in the jewelry box.

2. no more faded photos thanks to silica gel

Our favorite photos, maybe even the Polaroids from the last party, can be kept from fading thanks to silica gel. Simply place a small dab of silica gel in the picture box.

3. avoid unpleasant odors

Silica gel can inhibit the development of odors from damp clothing or shoes, for example, and thus stops bacteria from multiplying. So put it in your sports bag or vacation suitcase!

4. saving your smartphone after a toilet accident

In every circle of friends there is at least one person who has had a cell phone fall down the toilet. Quick immediate help: put the device in a few sachets of silica gel. This is said to work even better than the widely used rice trick.

5. store documents safely

Important paper documents, for example certificates or diplomas, should always be stored together with silica gel. Simply place a sachet in the transparent film with the document or place silica gel in the drawer with the paper files.

6. no more foggy car windows

Yes, silica gel can also stop the annoying misting of the car window. However, this requires a larger amount of silica gel, which can remove moisture from the interior. Positive side effect: the musty smell of old cars disappears.

7. protection from mold

Especially cellar rooms can quickly draw moisture, which then also penetrates into the things stored there. Silica gel can counteract mold and musty cellar odors.

8. make food last longer

Crackers, potato chips or cookies should ideally not come into contact with moisture, of course, otherwise they lose their bite completely. Moisture can be kept away from food by using silica packaging. However, caution must be exercised here: the silica gel must under no circumstances carry a warning label for toxicity for this use. And, of course, gel without a warning label should not be consumed.

9 Protecting medicines and electronic devices while traveling

Especially in tropical countries, the humidity can damage medicines and electronic devices: Simply place the affected product with the all-purpose container in a plastic bag to prolong its life.

By the way: Silica gel is even recyclable. The silica gels can be easily dried in the oven at up to 100°C and then reused. If you still don’t have enough small pellets, you can easily order silica gel online in larger quantities.

Is silica gel toxic?

Silica gel itself, known since 1640, is not toxic, it consists of the approximate substance silica. Under certain circumstances, however, other substances that are hazardous to health, such as cobalt chloride, have been added to this substance – hence the warning on the tablet ("Throw away!", "Do not eat!"). The color check helps: Transparent small balls are unused and can continue to absorb moisture. If the balls are pink, they have already absorbed a large amount of moisture. Only blue balls can be an indication of the addition of toxic substances.