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8 fashion tricks to elevate your outfit for fuss-free, stylish styling for any occasion

Do you often stand in front of the mirror, the complete styling ready, but somehow you are not quite satisfied? The certain something is missing, but you just can not think of what you could change or add. With clothes, it’s basically like cooking – it’s the details (the spices) that matter, because they influence the effect. We have a few fashion tips and tricks that you can use to upgrade your outfit – without any effort or high costs.

The oversized look as a fashion trick

Oversized look for more upbeat everyday styling

If you find your look somehow boring and too plain, you can change that with a simple oversized top. Such garments are without question very eye-catching, even if it’s just a simple shirt, so you can quickly solve the problem with it. However, don’t overdo it right away and really just stick to this one piece for more pizzazz. We remind you that it’s the small detail that matters, not a whole flood.

Simple belts with a big effect

Upgrade outfit with a belt for the waistline

To go with the oversized styling, but not limited to, you can then add a waist belt to enhance your outfit. It minimizes the effect of the wide clothes by conjuring up a slim waist, while remaining an eye-catcher itself. Your dress seems too wide and loose and so featureless? Try it out! You will be amazed at what a big difference such a simple accessory can make. It seems as if you received a completely new outfit! And this fashion trick you can even make a winter coat more interesting.

Use fashion tricks to enhance your outfit – Put jewelry in it.

Enhance outfit with chain layering and other jewelry

It won’t surprise you that jewelry can enhance an outfit. After all, that’s the whole point of accessories. However, discreet jewelry probably won’t do much for an equally discreet and perhaps boring styling. Instead, you can use trendy layering to your purpose. Here, you combine multiple necklaces or bracelets and bangles in different sizes and styles to achieve a diverse look. (The whole thing works with belts, too).

Don’t hide the jewelry!

Enhance outfit with fashion tricks - Wear jewelry and accessories over clothes

Especially in winter, when we wear longer clothes and maybe even turtlenecks , jewelry seems rather pointless – after all, they are covered by the long sleeves and collar anyway. But no! In fact, it’s totally trendy to wear your jewelry over your clothes. While you’ve surely worn a necklace over your turtleneck sweater before, you probably haven’t thought of the idea for the bangle and the wristwatch. Well, now is the right time, because with this trick you can enhance any outfit.

Use the statement pieces for eye-catchers.

Use chunky statement pieces with jewelry

Whether it’s a necklace, earrings or hair jewelry, you can use a statement piece of this kind to enhance any outfit, no matter how boring it looks. The chunky jewelry pieces will make your look more eye-catching, interesting and attract all the attention. However, really only combine them with more subtle stylings so as not to overdo it.

Speaking of hair jewelry, don’t underestimate the impact of your hair in any of your stylings. For example, a striking headband or a large barrette or bow can beautifully accentuate and complement a simple one-piece. The same goes for any other hair accessories.

The right colors as fashion tricks that enhance the outfit

Combine beige garments with colorful pieces

The monochrome look is without question on trend and actually very chic, but there is one color combination that is worth trying out as well. Choose any piece of clothing, but beige. This you then combine with any other garment in a bright color. This tip is especially in the coming dreary months a really wonderful idea, if you want to provide times for something good mood. The neutral shade just goes wonderfully with everything!

The right bags for plain outfits

Upgrade outfit with fashion tricks - Choose an eye-catching handbag

If your clothes are rather inconspicuous, it’s perfect for eye-catching accessories – you’ve probably already understood that. Thus, you can also make a great statement with the handbag and use it as a fashion trick if you want to upgrade your outfit. Surely the first thing that comes to mind is the oversized handbags. After all, what stands out more than something big! But this is not the only option, because especially small ladies do not necessarily take advantage of it. The so-called micro-bags are also real eye-catchers despite or even because of their small size.

Enhance outfit with the right tricks – with creativity to the desired look

Play with the garments - knot the blouse or shirt

Anything that is unusual, yet chic, will help you enhance your outfit. And for this you can both rummage through the closet for long-forgotten pieces, as well as upgrade your usual parts: for example, knot the bottom ends of the blouse or shirt, tuck the shirt into the waistband (or only the front part), decorate the jeans or jacket with glitter stones, beads and other decorations, use a rope instead of a belt, turn the pant leg upside down once or twice and, and, and …