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6 tips for a cool look with overknee boots

Overknees have long been one of the basics in the shoe closet. But how to combine the extra-long boots correctly? Tikbow knows 6 tips with which the overknee style is guaranteed to succeed.

Decouple the overknee style

Over-the-knee boots have a sexy image that can easily be balanced out if you don’t feel like it. If you decide to wear shorts, a skirt or a dress in mini length with overknees, it’s better to go for high-necked or loose-fitting styling partners like fine turtlenecks or cardigans on top. Alternatively, a blazer can take the edge off the style and make it suitable for business.

Go for clean chic!

Refrain from playful details such as ruffles and flounces. The best way to show off your over-the-knee boots is to wear them with clothes with clear cuts and minimalist designs. The reason: plain looks in wool white, gray or black always look classy.

Combine overknee boots with jeans

Skinny jeans make the best styling partner for overknees. With their robust denim material they are a casual contrast to the noble boot and with their tight shape they support the endless leg effect of the overknees.

Pay attention to the height!

The higher the overknee shaft, the sexier the look. The same goes for the heel height. Therefore, the most suitable for everyday wear are overknees, where the shaft ends about a hand width above the knee. If you decide to wear high heels, it is best to go for models with a wide heel. They not only look stylish, they are also much more comfortable than spiked heels. If you don’t want to wear so much heel, opt for overknees with kitten heels, which are extremely trendy at the moment.

Go for high quality materials

With overknees, the material is crucial. Cheap models are not only uncomfortable to wear because they are not breathable, you can also quickly see the cheap price. So you better invest a little more in the new overknees, so that you have lasting pleasure in the XXL boots. Timelessly elegant are suede overknees in muted tones, also with black smooth leather variants you do nothing wrong.

Make sure you get the right fit

Finding the right overknee boot is a matter in itself. If they are too big, they will slip. If, on the other hand, the boot is too tight, it will also slip and/or cut in uncomfortably. It is therefore best to choose a model that allows two fingers to fit comfortably between the shaft and the thigh when standing. If the boots still slip, it can help to insert silicone bands at the top of the edge, so that the whole thing gets more support.