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6 handbag trends that we love in the summer

Not without my (designer) bag! Tikbow reveals which models you should go for now – or which ones you can at least take a cue from. Check out 6 cool handbag trends.

Handbag trend mesh look

No summer without mesh bags! This year, the knotted bags are once again at the top of the list of handbag trends, but what’s new is the look: the focus is on models that are the perfect compromise between the traditional mesh bag and a raffia beach bag. Straw look, shopper fit and handle look meet – the result is trend bags like the Prada "Raffia Tote Bag" which is currently very popular with influencers.

Important: It’s best to only buy a mesh bag that has another pocket integrated as an inner lining. Otherwise you run the constant risk of the bag contents falling out of the mesh pockets.

Handbag trend chains

This summer, nothing goes without chunky link chains. And we don’t just wear them around our necks anymore, but also on our bags. The best example is the "Chain Cassette" by Bottega Veneta (approx. 2950 euros), where leather quilted look meets solid gold chain.

Woman with handbag
The "Chain Cassette" by Bottega Veneta is a real must-have among fashionistas!Photo: Getty Images

The it-bag with the XXL chain is an eye-catcher in any case and also gives basic looks the necessary style factor. But: Don’t load the bags too heavy if you plan to actually use the chain as a carrying strap – that could get quite uncomfortable.

Courage for color

Handbags should ideally be brown, black or beige so that they match as many outfits as possible? That was once upon a time. This summer, we’re saying goodbye to classic leather bags and opting for models in bright candy colors. How about a lilac baguette bag or a bright pink mini handbag, for example? The advantage: A colorful bag – and may it be so small – makes even simple monochrome looks to the eye-catcher and is therefore worth an investment in any case.

Slouchy Bags

Rigid shapes and hard leather were once – now it’s the turn of slouchy bags! They are characterized by soft materials and a certain crumpled shape. The best example is the "Pouch" from the house of Bottega Veneta. The 2100 euro clutch in toilet bag size scores with a voluminous pleated look and is mainly worn under the arm by fashionistas. In the meantime, however, there’re also extremely cool bucket bags in the soft variant:

Woman with handbag
Soft slouchy bags are probably the most relaxed bag trend this summerPhoto: Getty Images

Mini (Crossbody) Bags

Often it is said that fashion and functionality are mutually exclusive. If there is one case for which this really applies without reservation, then it is the so-called mini-bags. They are still the absolute stars of the fashion sky, even if very, very small. Le Chiquito from the French design label Jacquemus, for example, measures just 4×5 cm, so it’s as mini as a matchbox. The only big thing here is the price: depending on the version, the small tablet costs between 200 and 500 euros. The tiny boxes look quite cute, but they’re really only useful as decoration – you can’t fit much more than a lipstick in them. As an it-piece they go through but definitely – and make every street style to the eye-catcher – especially when they are worn crossbody or like a chest bag. If you like it a bit more practical, opt for a crossbody bag in DIN A5 format: a bit larger, a bit more practical and no less stylish:

Woman with mini bag
In summer, handbags can be small and handy.Photo: Getty Images

Handbag trend curved look

The semicircular moon bag is followed by the curved bag. These are trendy handbags that are not rectangular but more abstract in shape. While the moonbag is reminiscent of a crescent moon, the curves of the new curved bags are found at the bottom of the bag, for example, as in the Balenciaga Hourglass Bag.

Woman with handbag
Sonia Lyson combines a black curved bag with a bright green dress.Photo: Getty Images

The special feature: here, the leather may turn out gladly rigid and hard, so that the bag can hold its shape. A pretty special and somehow also futuristic look that enhances any outfit, no matter how simple.