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5 trend accessories that women should know now

Situationally, the mouthguard is still likely to top the list of trend accessories. Fortunately, there are more beautiful pieces from collars to necklaces that we adorn ourselves with in lockdown times. For example, are you already wearing croissant rings on your fingers? Tikbow introduces 5 beautiful accessory trends you should have on your radar right now.

Bold Rings

When it comes to finger jewelry, the motto is: filigree was yesterday, now it has to be chunky! Link rings, signet rings, with stones, without stones – the main thing is that the new it-piece looks as wide and eye-catching as possible. So-called croissant rings are particularly popular at the moment. These are not pieces of jewelry adorned with flowers, but solid metal rings that, with their curled look and a lot of imagination, are somewhat reminiscent of the structure of a croissant.

Woman with rings
Stylish combination! By the way, the XXL ring on the index finger is a croissant ring.Photo: Getty Images

The new Bold Rings do not only adorn the ring finger, they can also be worn on the index or middle finger and combined wildly with each other.

Silk ücher

When you think of collars, do you immediately think of cowboy costumes? Don’t worry, with this trend it’s guaranteed not so. These are mainly particularly elegant silk or viscose shirts – ähnlich wie die Queen sie gern mal trugägt. The monarch likes to wrap the elegant scarves over her hair – just one of many styling options. The new, old trend pieces can be combined quite versatile: At Longchamp and Etro, for example, models for the fall/winter 2020/21 collections walked the runway with double-knotted scarves – peeking out from under their sweaters. At Dior and Jacquemus, the scarf was used as a hair accessory. But no matter how you prefer to wear it – stylish it always is!

Woman with scarf
Collars celebrate their trend comeback this yearPhoto: Getty Images

Trend accessory collar

Puff collars have long been considered frumpy. But now they are so popular that women even put them on collarless tops. The shoulder collars can be bought separately, and the motto is: the bigger the better. Statement models with perforated lace or leather are particularly popular.

Woman with trend accessory collar
Fashion pro Lois Opoku gives her look that certain something with the collarPhoto: Getty Images

The XXL collars can be combined like statement necklaces. That means: Simply pull them over a preferably high-necked round neck top and a simple look becomes an eye-catcher. If you want, you can also wear the XXL collars over the actual blouse collar, so that the classic top becomes a number more special.

Patterned pantyhose and tights

Woman with a sweetheart
Previously a no-go, now a trend: revealing pantyhose in open-toed shoesPhoto: Getty Images

Virginie Viard showed branded tights in her fall/winter 2020/21 collection for– for Chanel, but this year not only the fine leg dresses carry patterns. The focus is – loafer trend thanks – now also on the söckets. The open shoes allow a glimpse of the trend accessories. It’s especially stylish when semi-transparent, patterned low heels peek out. Pompoms and glittery shirts are a welcome addition to the look. But if you want, you can also wear simple tennis or wool socks with the trendy shoes. With ankle boots and ankle boots, we recommend patterned tights.

Trend accessory link chain

Woman with chain
The bigger the more stylish: the chunky link necklacePhoto: Getty Images

The link chain hype from fall is far from over, XXL statement chains are holding on stubbornly in the trend ranking. They may seem a bit ostentatious at first glance, but somehow they also look quite stylish – especially when combined as a style break with a blouse or a plain shirt and more chains.