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5 tights trends that provide variety in autumn and winter

If you like to wear skirts and dresses in the cold season, you can’t avoid tights. While they were otherwise no longer functional helpers against the cold, the fine leg dresses have now become real statement pieces – as long as you pick the right design. We present five trendy styles.

Don’t worry: of course, we’re not swearing off the classic black tights in different DEN levels this season either. But there are plenty of variants for all those who find the plain evergreens too boring. Examples of boring?

Colorful and white tights

Woman with umbrella
Previously a no-go, now a trend: colorful tightsPhoto: Getty Images

Blair Waldorf from "Gossip Girl" knew it years ago, and now the trend has come to us: This season, tights can also be colorful. From less flashy Bordeaux red to neon colors, everything is allowed. Even the white models that were once considered fashionable are back, thanks to Chanel. Depending on your self-confidence, the colorful leg warmers can be combined with a simple mini skirt, with other colorful pieces, or with an all-over look in the same signal color.


Woman in tights
Sara Carnicella combines the Pünktchen tights with shorts and blazerPhoto: Getty Images

Die schwarze Polka-Dot-Strumpfhose zählt schon seit einigen Jahren zu den Herbst und Winter Must-Haves und gehört auch 2021 zu den Teilen, mit denen man nichts falsch machen kann. In diesem Jahr bekommt sie noch Konkurrenz von karierten Modellen. Getragen werden die Patterns wie die klassische, schwarze Strumpfhose, verleihen aber jedem noch so schlichten Look im Handumdrehen das gewisse Etwas. Besonders cool: Die gepunktete Strumpfhose unter einem Karo-Mini, der Muster-Mix macht das Outfit zum echten Hingucker.

For all those who have not yet noticed: The 90s are back and with them also little discreet logo prints on all clothing. When it comes to styling, ähnlich as with the pünktchen tights everything goes – with one exception: branded tights do not work so well with other all-over logo pieces. It’s just too much.

Woman in Fendi outfit
The Fendi tights are a stylish eye-catcher with this all-black look Photo: Getty Images

What goes for it, however, is the tights in the open shoe. The fashion rule that forbids the sandal-tights style is now a thing of the past! You can wear whatever you like.

Leo print

Woman in tights
Such eye-catching tights look best with plain styles Photo: Getty Images

The animal print trend is still not over and does not stop at tights this year. If you want a bit of a change from the classic pünktchen, you can also go for tights with a feline or zebra pattern. Here, however, please refrain from even more patterns and a wild mix of colors in the rest of the outfit, otherwise the whole thing will quickly look like a look for a bad-button party. 

Tights in lace design

Woman in skirt
The fine lace pantyhose looks sexy, but should be treated with caution…Photo: Getty Images

Lace is mainly found on underwear, tops or festive dresses. Now we wear the fine floral patterns also on the legs, mainly on black or white tights. It looks beautiful and sexy, but it is very impractical to wear because the material is so delicate. So step very carefully into the new lace leg dress and für the dressing process allow some time!