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5 styling tips to combine palazzo pants cool

Palazzo pants are the ideal pants trend for spring – they are airy, light and conjure up a wonderfully feminine silhouette! But who does the extravagant fabric trousers suit and how are they combined? Tikbow reveals 5 tips with which the spring look is guaranteed to work.

Who does palazzo pants look good on?

Palazzo pants look good on every woman, no matter if slim or curvy, the wide legs and the narrow waist create a wonderfully feminine silhouette. However, the right fit is important. Models with a crease can visually lengthen the legs.

Styling tips for palazzo pants

Choosing the right shoes

To stretch your figure, choose a shoe with a high heel, this will really show off the palazzo pants. Platform shoes, clogs or wedges are particularly suitable for this. The effect is maximized if you choose the pants in 7/8 length. Stilettos, on the other hand, are less suitable, as the wide leg of the pants can easily catch on the narrow heels. If you want to wear flats, choose a slim-fitting top to accentuate your proportions.

Matching proportions

If you wear flat sandals, it is especially flattering. to emphasize the waist. Tuck the dafür top into your pants, and reach – for the belt if it fits –. This way you counteract the boxy shape.

The right mix of materials and colors

If you wear the wide pants in a monochrome complete look, pay attention to details. Choose a belt or go for material contrasts, such as combining white palazzo pants made of light fabric with a coarse knitted white mottled top.

Matching accessories

The wide-leg pants will attract attention with their generous amount of fabric alone. Add accessories to make it even more eye-catching. Example: combine a handbag with natural texture with patterned palazzo pants.

Courage in styling the palazzo pants

The last and probably most important tip: wear what you like. As always in fashion, personal style should be emphasized with these trendy trousers. Instead of a tight-fitting top, a loose blouse can be worn, and instead of high heels, flat sandals – fashion pro Hanna Schönberg shows how it’s done! So – not afraid to try unconventional outfits in terms of palazzo pants.