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5 shorts that are trendy in the summer

What was already foreshadowed with the comeback of Bermudas and Capri pants will be sealed by summer 2021 at the latest: Skimpy jeans hot pants are a thing of the past, while wide shorts, which can also be a bit longer, are now the order of the day. The problem of involuntarily deep insights is finally history! Which models exactly do we wear now and how are they styled? Tikbow does the trend check.

Wide-Leg Jeans Shorts

Wide-leg jeans have been replacing skinny jeans in the long version for quite some time, and now they’re taking things a step further in terms of shorts, too. Just like the long models, the trendy shorts sit close to the figure at the waist and hips, then taper out further at the leg and end around the middle of the thigh. Mostly, light denim variants with a neat hem are used – in connection with the high-waist fit, the pants get a certain retro touch.

Woman in shorts
Wide-leg shorts are a bit reminiscent of the shorts our mothers used to wear as wellPhoto: Getty Images

When styling, you can then stay true to the retro look and combine blouses and platform sandals. It becomes more elegant with simple combination partners like a white shirt, blazer and mules. In the end, just as with the long wide-leg jeans, there is nothing that cannot be done. The jean shorts is and remains simply the ideal basic piece for the summer, which really goes with everything – even with even more jeans.

Denim Bermudas

You love them or you hate them, but the fact is: Bermuda shorts will continue to exist on the trend radar in 2021. The wide, knee-length shorts, which have their origins in men’s fashion, have already emerged from fashion obscurity in 2019 and are now being worn up and down by fashionistas – here, too, the focus is primarily on denim. What distinguishes these trendy shorts from the wide-leg version? They are a tad longer and usually score with a fringed hem this spring. Therefore, it is also very easy to tailor the trendy pants yourself: Simply cut a straight-cut jeans just above the knee, fray – done.

Woman in Bermudas
The Bermuda length is now not only high in men’s fashion, we are now also betting on the Gemütlich fitPhoto: Getty Images

The key to the Bermuda look are the accessories. They should be as feminine as possible, otherwise the half-length, wide pants look too much like a relic from dad’s closet. So it’s better to go for a chic clutch, waist belt and square mules and don’t skimp on the jewelry either, then nothing can go wrong.

Pleated shorts are trending

If you prefer the shorter shorts version, you should get a model with pleats. These elegant shorts feature androgynous cuts with a wide fit and are comparatively skimpy this summer:

Xenia Adonts in shorts
Fashion pro Xenia Adonts is already wearing the pleated trend in the form of YSL shorts.Photo: Getty Images

The eponymous pleats give the shorts an elegant touch and ensure that everything fits well at the waistband and the shorts flare out towards the bottom. Nice side effect: The waist is emphasized by the high and narrow waistband particularly advantageous, problem areas on the stomach are concealed by the folds. It is only important that the pants are not too tight on the belly, because otherwise the folds are drawn out and look anything but advantageous.

Skorts aka trouser skirts

Every fashion trend comes back at some point, really. Generation Z, for example, has now rediscovered skorts – a trend that is anything but new. The term "skorts", which is made up of skirt and shorts, simply means trouser skirts. They first appeared in the 19th century and have been making a comeback ever since. The two skort designs of the moment: ultra-short (pleated) Röcke with shorts in the same color and the trouser skirt in a feminine wrap look.

Shorts trend leather

If we have usually only worn leather pants and shirts in the winter – fake natural – and on warmer days prefer leather in the form of a jacket, synthetic leather is now conquering the rest of our summer wardrobe. Shorts in leather look are very popular right now. And not just in the classic black version, pastels or colors like khaki or beige are also particularly popular.

Woman in leather bermudas
In Bermuda form, leather is now becoming summer-appropriatePhoto: Getty Images

But please don’t go for the tight, short version – it quickly looks too much – but rather stick to the wide, longer version.