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5 handbags that every woman should own

It is the icing on the cake for any outfit, can define an entire look – or ruin it completely. So it’s no wonder that some women have a real thing for (hand)bags. But you don’t have to own 138 different models to always have the right choice. Basically, 5 bag models are enough to have the right companion for every look.

1. clutch

A clutch, i.e. a small handbag without a strap, is the evergreen for the evening! The handy bag often goes better with gowns or cocktail dresses than a large shoulder bag. Use it to set accents: For example, a brightly colored model gives your little black dress from last season an up-to-date touch. And don’t be afraid to think the other way around: a small bag held in the hand can turn a rather ordinary outfit into a party-ready one in no time at all.

The right model from the designer: the "Pouch" from Bottega Veneta

2. tote bag

The shape of a tote bag is inspired by the classic shopping bag with short handles. The name is derived from the American "to tote", which means to drag. This makes the Tote Bag the perfect companion for the whole day. Here you get really everything under, even change shoes and clutch für the evening, if you want to go out directly after Büroschluss. Even a laptop fits in easily. And since you carry it in your hand over your shoulder, it looks much more chic than a shoulder bag.

The matching model from the designer: the "Mini Luggage" from Céline

3. small crossbody bag

Without it nothing goes! If you invest in a high-quality model in black or brown, you can wear your handbag for a lifetime, it will not go out of fashion so quickly. Good for casual occasions in the evening, when a clutch would look too overdressed. But also for daytime okay – who has to take a lot, for example to work, take additionally a larger tote bag. The latest tote bags are extra small and are worn with a long strap and wrapped crosswise, the so-called crossbody bag. This even goes with an evening dress!

The matching model from the designer: the "Hourglass" by Balenciaga

4. larger envelope bag

The handbag may be practical – but should not have to sacrifice style factor. To make it really stylish and suitable for everyday use, it’s better to choose a medium-sized model that can hold everything from your wallet and cosmetics bag to your iPad. Attention: Handbags automatically look more casual than a clutch carried in the hand. This can be a great style break, for example, to a festive dress. But also to the everyday outfit or to the business two-piece harmonizes the bag perfectly – insofar as they decide für a classic leather model.

The matching model from the designer: the "Loulou" by Saint Laurent

5. raffia handbag

Bast or mesh bags are great for spring, summer, fall and also beautiful winter days! They are the casual alternative to the tote bag, go with the autumnal floral dress – but also with jeans and sneakers. The look may even be happy to be strict, a bast bag loosens up everything with a pinch of beach feeling. A must-have handbag for every fashionista!

The matching model from the designer: the "Raffia Tote Bag" by Prada