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5 cool pantsuit trends for summer

Trouser suits are boring, uncomfortable, unsexy, only for winter? No way! The two-piece suit has long since become a stylish must-have, and in its short version it now even competes with the summer dress. Tikbow knows the most beautiful blazer combinations and how they are best styled – without looking stuffy.

Suits in bright colors

Plain black or gray outfits have had their day, two-piece suits can now be colorful. Especially popular this season are bright colors like orange or pink, but pastels are also in.

Woman in blue two-piece suit
In summer we love brightly colored suits – preferably with XXL blazer and flared trousers.Photo: Getty Images

The fresh colors not only provide the necessary variety in the closet, they also make styling easier. After all, a bright pink lady suit certainly doesn’t look – funny, no matter what a woman wears underneath. However, the fitted blouse as a styling partner should be dispensed with, as this takes away the suit’s trend factor. The suit look becomes cooler with a white round-neck shirt and white sneakers – please wear the blazer open! It becomes a bit more chic with a turtleneck bodysuit and loafers. The brave simply do without a top under the buttoned blazer and combine heels with the sexy suit look.

Trouser suit in oversized fit

Especially trendy are also oversized suits, which look a bit like they were stolen from a friend’s closet. The XXL models have the same advantage as the brightly colored suits: Thanks to the loose fit, there is never a thought of a conventional look, no matter what is combined with it. Especially summery is’s with suits made of linen, while continuing to rely on muted colors.

Woman in pantsuit
With Chucks and basic T-shirt – so lässig can be two-piece! Photo: Getty Images

When it comes to styling, everything is possible: blazer open, blazer closed, the combination with a simple shirt and Chucks, with turtleneck and loafers or sandals, with a lace top and heels. Even the blouse is acceptable as a styling partner, provided that it is also worn oversized and combined with casual shoes on the feet.

Blazer and Bermudas

Woman in two-piece
The pantsuit in the summer variant: with bright Bermuda shortsPhoto: Getty Images

With Bermuda shorts and lightweight fabrics, pantsuits will be summer-ready in 2021! However, it is important that the fit is loose, both for the blazer and the trousers – otherwise the suit looks as if it has simply been worn in. So that the look is not too sporty in the end, the casual Bermuda should be styled more chicly. Hei;t: Rather high heels than sneakers and definitely better to wear clutch than backpack to the suit!

Suit with vest

Woman in vest and trousers
If the trouser suit does without sleeves, it’s doubly stylish.Photo: Getty Images

The second summer variant among the two-piece suits is the combination of vest and suit trousers or Bermudas. The vest is the perfect choice for warmer days thanks to its missing sleeves, but there are two things to keep in mind when styling: Wear the vest with a top or without anything underneath – half-length T-shirt sleeves that peek out from under the vest simply don’t look as stylish as the sleeveless version. And: since the vests usually come in ¨berlängen and reach at least to the thigh, it makes sense to give them some shape with a knotted waist belt. Thanks to the loose fit, the alternative suit can also be easily worn with sneakers, but also gladly with fancier footwear.

Trouser suit with waist belt

If you’re worried that the oversized suit look might look too masculine, you should get a model with a waist belt. The figure-hugging cut and the accentuated waistline give the power suit a feminine upgrade, but also make it less casual.

Woman in white pantsuit
With a waist belt becomes extra elegant’sPhoto: Getty Images

The jacket is always worn closed in the coat version! When styling should also be careful not to lose the effect. That means: no wide tops under the girdled blazer, no round necklines and ideally no sneakers. Ideally, a woman should wear nothing at all under a tightly belted jacket and opt for more delicate footwear.