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5 cool pants trends for women in summer

Leather, plaid, wool fabrics – sounds like winter, but in fact all this can be found on the list of pants trends for this summer. How winter materials and patterns fit into the warm season, which other pants are still hot and which are no longer – Tikbow knows!

Extra wide pants in Überl;nge are trend

Suit pants have long since made the leap into everyday fashion, and don’t worry, they won’t come over as frivolous. Narrow models have had their day, fashionistas now prefer extra-wide models somewhere between wide-leg and palazzo pants. With these, the idea of a conventional look doesn’t stand a chance. The color palette ranges from bright pink über canary yellow, to subtle beige or classic black. Fashion pro Xenia Adonts shows the way:

Xenia Adonts in wide pants
Xenia Adonts combines black palazzo pants with a top with a neat Rücken necklinePhoto by Getty Images

Since the pants are usually quite long, it makes sense to combine shoes with heels or platforms. It is best to choose shoes with lace – it looks quite stylish when the front peeks out from under the hem of the pants. Also nice is the combination with thong separators. For the all-round summer look still cropped top to wear – ready.

Cargo Pants

Well, do you already have cargo pants in your closet? If not, it’s high time to get one now! The trendy pants not only look cool, they are also extremely practical because of their eponymous pockets and thanks to the casual fit they are comfortable.

Also in terms of styling, the cargo pants are extremely grateful. It’s sporty with a cropped top and sneakers, but the former worker pants can also be chic: bright pumps, bralette and an open cotton blouse worn over the top – and the trend look is ready.

Capri pants

The cycling pants are followed by the comeback of the next retro style: the capri pants are back – the pants that are characterized by the combination of three-quarter, or 7/8 length and figure-flattering leg fit and were last extremely trendy at the beginning of the 00s.

Leonie Hanne in capri pants
Capri pants are experiencing a revival this summer – Leonie Hanne provides the proofPhoto by Getty Images

The half-length trend trousers are best combined in a chic way: pumps and mules always go with the Capri look, the same applies to oversized blazers or tweed jackets. If you like it sportier, swap heels for flats, blazer for shirt and then pimp the style with statement jewelry.

Pants with check pattern are trendy

Actually, plaid is an absolute winter pattern, but now we wear the small squares also in summer – and preferably very classic. That means: small checks and muted colors. The pattern is currently especially popular on high-cut wool pants in cigarette or carrot shape. Here, too, the rule is: please don’t go for the skinny model!

Woman in plaid pants
Plaid is now also possible in summer, as long as the winter pattern is combined with summery pieces.Photo by Getty Images

The problem with this: plaid pants can – combined wrong – quickly appear staid. Therefore, the classic pants should be loosened up with the right styling partners, so the look looks, for example, in combination with sporty pieces such as a print shirt, sneakers or toe separators directly a number cooler. It-pieces like statement jewelry or a mini-bag have the same effect.

Wide leather pants

Woman in leather pants
This is how to wear leather in summer: Justyna Czerniak combines the fake animal skin with a scarf top and pumps.Photo by Getty Images

Leather pants are now a permanent trend! In the summer of 2021, however, the familiar, tight leather leggings are still outdated, we now prefer to wear the (fake) animal skin a few sizes wider and more comfortable. There are two options: Either we opt for a slouchy cut with voluminous legs, bumpers or elastic at the waistband and hem, or for straight-cut models with a bootcut look. In terms of color, however, everything remains the same: Black leather pants are still at the top of the trend podium, but variants in bottle green or burgundy are also cool.