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5 cool earring trends for summer

This summer there is really something on or to the ears! Statement earrings are back, pearls are here to stay and chunky creoles have secured a firm place on the trend list anyway. What else is hot – and what is no longer? Tikbow checks out the earring trends for the hot season.

Chunky Creoles

Filigree XXL creoles were yesterday, now the ring-shaped ear jewelry looks a few sizes thicker and flashier: Fashionistas are now opting for the chunky creole earring trend. The chunky jewelry is virtually the more stylish version of the thousandfold seen dünnen rings and can be combined thanks to simple metal design just as versatile as the classics.

Woman with chunky earrings
Currently, fashionistas love earrings that turn out chunky rather than delicatePhoto: Getty Images

Especially trendy are chunky creoles in multiple versions. They look as if several rings are intertwined. The croissant look, in which the metal is twisted in such a way that, with a lot of imagination, it resembles the shape of the ring that gives it its name, is also popular. Generally speaking, any number of chunky creoles can be combined with each other in a wide variety of ways. Allowed is what pleases and what the earl;ppchen aushält. The massive earrings can quickly become quite heavy and the earlobes wear out in the long run. Therefore, better to rely on silver-plated or gold-plated costume jewelry, instead of solid metal!

Curated Ears (with Ear Cuffs)

In summer, too, the earring motto continues to be “more is more,” and this is exactly what the curated ears trend is doing. Fashion professionals now wear countless piercings on their ears, from helix to tragus to conch, everything is included – and in multiple versions and in all colors, shapes and metals. The focus is on a wild mix of small plugs and normal earrings, symmetry on both ears no longer plays a role.

Xenia Adonts
Xenia Adonts combines three rings on the earlobe with helix and tragus piercing.Photo: Getty Images

If you don’t want to put yourself under the needle for the trendy look, you can simply trick yourself with ear cuffs, i.e. clip-on earrings for the upper part of the ear.

Pearl earrings are trendy

Pearl jewelry was already revived in 2020, but now the look is experiencing a whole new hype. But don’t worry, we’re not talking about the old-fashioned ear studs, pearls are now getting an upgrade, are combined with metal and turn out big and flashy! Especially trendy in summer: discreet mini creoles with small pearls as eye-catchers.

Woman with pearl earrings
So much for playful! When pearls meet gold, it’s stylish.Photo: Getty Images

But: Even though pearls have largely shed their playful image, the outfit should be a style contrast to the pearl jewelry. This works best with a simple look: biker jacket, white T-shirt and jeans.

Statement earrings

Erinnern Sie sich noch an die Zeit, in der Ohrringe nicht groß und auffällig genug ausfallen konnten? Genau der Style kommt jetzt zurück. Die neuen XXL-Statement earrings werden mit jeder Menge Metall (meist in abstrakten Formen) kombiniert – ein Style, der definitiv nicht zu übersehen ist.

Woman with earrings
The statement earrings are back – and more massive than ever before.Photo: Getty Images

The eye-catching jewelry pieces are the perfect companions for everyday life, because: If it has to go fast in the morning and you decide for the messy-bun-and-hoodie style, you can give the look an elegant upgrade with XXL earrings in no time. Of course, the statement earrings also go perfectly with the evening look. In order to show them off to their best advantage, you should always wear them with a braid, chignon, etc., otherwise they will constantly get caught in your mane anyway.

Chain earrings are trendy

We no longer decorate ourselves only with chunky link chains, now the trend continues also on the ears. Fashionistas love to wear extra-long models in gold and silver, often with a decorative pendant.

Woman with earrings
Chain earrings are the ear jewelry counterpart to the trendy link necklacePhoto: Getty Images

Important: If you have discovered the chain look for yourself, you should decide between necklace and earrings – link chain and chain earrings together quickly become too much.