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4 cool swimwear novelties from H&M, Zara, C&A and Reserved in check.

High time for summer, sun, beach and sea! But what do we wear on the beach this year? Tikbow has filtered out 4 beautiful swimwear trends at Zara, H&M and C&A and Reserved. .

Asymmetrical bikini with highwaist pants by C&A, ca. 25 Euro

Yellow bikini from the novelties of C&A
This beautiful set is available at C&A: bikini top ca. 15 Euro, pants ca. 10 EuroPhoto: PR/C&A

The summer will be bright – best example is this canary yellow bikini from the swimwear novelties of C&A. The bikini is made of an asymmetric voluminous fabric. It consists of an asymmetrical flounce top and matching highwaist bottoms with knot detail and flatters – thanks to the bright color – all those with a sun-browned complexion. With its cut, the bikini is also a real figure-flatterer: the flounce trim on the top visually cheats more volume in the chest area, the asymmetrical strap puts the key leg in scene and the pants emphasize the waist. Only for sunbathing, the bikini is not ideal, which could have quite schön auffällige Tan lines as a result…

High-leg swimsuit by H&M, approx. 25 euros

Swimsuit from H&M
Blue swimsuit from H&M, about 25 Euro

Two trends, one swimsuit – this model from the swimwear novelties by H&M combines the trendy crinkle look and the retro high-leg cut à la Baywatch. The result is a real trend piece that also scores with a straight neckline at the front, a deep neckline and a color that really suits everyone. Plus point: the swimsuit can be worn not only on the beach, it also makes a pretty stylish bodysuit for everyday wear.

Bikini with lacing from Zara, ca. 29 Euro

Green swimwear from Zara
Bikini top about 16 euros, pants about 13 euros – there’s both at Zara!

Another trend on the list of swimwear novelties is the lace-up look, on which this Zara bikini is based. In addition to the closure band, there are decorative bands on the top, which are tied down to the waist. The look is also continued in the bikini tops, where the lace-up look is found on the sides of the hips. The whole thing results in a pretty stylish look, on which also stars like Kylie Jenner or Hailey Bieber rely – but also here applies: When sunbathing be particularly careful, otherwise there are a lot of Abdrücke!

So looks the whole übrigens dressed:

Bikini with cut-outs from Reserved, ca. 29 Euro

Black bikini
Stylish combo: bikini top (approx. 16 euros) and highwaist pants (approx. 13 euros) from Reserved

Pastels and bright colors are not your thing? Then go for the classic, the black bikini. This model by Reserved comes with a stylish twist: the highwaist pants are adorned with lots of cut-outs on the sides, which give the otherwise plain bottom that certain something. Important: Do not buy the pants too small, otherwise they will cut in unpleasantly. With the top you can then decide for even more cut-outs, or you choose a model with a different look and thus bring even more variety into your swim outfit. In terms of pattern and color, pretty much anything goes, only in terms of fabric you should stay true to one material, otherwise the bikini looks very thrown together.