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Face lifting thanks to collagen threads – the benefits and risks.

Collagen threads are one of the most popular procedures in the field of cosmetology and plastic surgery. Collagen thread lifts position themselves not only as a safe and gentle lift, but also as an effective method of tightening the skin to give the face the desired contours completely without a needle. At the same time, there are drawbacks. An overview.

What is a collagen thread lift?

First of all: No beauty treatment replaces the regular care of the skin, but only has a supporting effect. So, how does the collagen thread lift treatment work? Collagen films made of a biologically compatible material are applied to the patient’s skin in certain areas of the face according to a special scheme. They create a solid framework that helps restore the desired relief of the skin and smooth wrinkles and creases.

"The self-absorbing collagen fibers are incorporated into the skin using a special technique. With this treatment we achieve immediate, visible and lasting results. Thus, we strengthen the skin barrier and stimulate the collagen production again", says Aysegül Kosar, owner of Yade Beauty in Perfection Kosmetikinstitut in Pinneberg in the Tikbow interview.

Advantages of collagen synthesis

  • Strengthening and protection of the collagen matrix
  • Refinement of the skin texture, wrinkle reduction.
  • Without injection
  • Suitable for all ages with loss of collagen synthesis.
  • Immediately visible and lasting results
  • Strengthens the skin barrier 

Disadvantages and risks of collagen treatments

  • Not long lasting
  • Frequent repetition of the treatment necessary, about three to four treatments every 14 days depending on the depth of wrinkles
  • Costly
  • Rötungen and swelling after treatment
  • slight tingling of the treated areas in the first days

Costs and treatment time

The treatment costs from 199 euros and can take up to two hours, depending on the treatment areas.


– with professional advice from Aysegül Kosar, owner of Kosmetikinstitut Yade in Pinneberg