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Eyebrow trends in check! The “Skinny Eyebrows” are back

The days of “Insta-Brows” – that trend where eyebrows couldn’t be dense and unnatural enough – are long gone. In 2022, the motto when it comes to eyebrows is: Less is more! What exactly does that mean? Tikbow checks out the trends for spring.

Skinny Eyebrows

Who would have thought it? The times of extremely bushy eyebrows à la Cara Delevigne are over, according to TikTok, our brows may now be a number thinner again. But don’t worry: the new skinny brows don’t (yet) look as blatant as they did at the beginning of the 2000s, with this eyebrow trend you can still show a few little hairs. However, they are meticulously plucked into shape, trimmed and traced as naturally as possible, so that the impression of a flawlessly fine brow is created.

Woman with dünnen eyebrows
Bushy eyebrows are no longer a must, the skinny brows are back!Photo: Getty Images

However, the eyebrows should only be plucked carefully so that the brow really does not become too thin. Absolute must: When trimming orient to the natural brow shape! The easiest way to do this is to measure your ideal brow shape with a pencil beforehand: Once at the nose wing and mark the end point of the eyebrow, then along the pupil and the nose to determine the arc point and then along the outer corner of the eye for the outer end point of the brow.

Brushed-up Brows

There are a few names for this eyebrow trend: Bushy Brows, Gel Brows, Brushed-up Brows… But no matter what you want to call them, the trend is not about painting your eyebrows as strong as possible, the goal is rather a natural-looking, full brow. The eyebrows are lifted straight up and fixed with (colored) gel or hairspray. Any gaps can be filled with an eyebrow pencil – but please only very subtly! It’s best to only paint on individual hairs so that the whole thing doesn’t look too perfectly painted and doesn’t turn into the Insta-Brow look of days gone by.

Woman with raised brows
Instead of a big fill-up, we now simply lift our brows upwards.Photo: Getty Images

If you don’t feel like styling your brows up every morning, you can simply have your eyebrows lifted into shape. This works like an eyelash curler and creates the perfect brushed-up look that lasts for weeks.

Bleached Brows

For all those who love it more extravagant, there are bleached brows. For the eye-catching look, the eyebrows are treated so long and intensively with bleaching that they are virtually invisible or form a clear contrast to the hair or skin color. This ensures that the focus is completely on the eyes and that elaborate make-up looks are even better accentuated. Natural blondes can rejoice: The coloring of light eyebrows is absolutely no longer a must in order to go fully with the trend.

Woman with blond eyebrows
In this spring, the brows can be blonded up with pleasurePhoto: Getty Images

A look that looks super elegant, but also requires self-confidence. After all, it’s actually the brows that frame the face…

Straight eyebrows are the trend

Olivia Palermo
Fancy a lift – but without a real lift? Straight brows support the effect!Photo: Getty Images

In this eyebrow trend, the brow arch is deliberately omitted, that is: The sloping end of the brow is plucked away or strongly shortened, instead the brow is drawn straight on, which results in a kind of lifting effect. Supermodel Bella Hadid demonstrates’it!

Boy Brows

Ella Emhoff
Ella Emhoff goes for naturalness when it comes to eyebrows – and has given up plucking them Photo: Getty Images

Boy Brows are probably the most relaxed eyebrow trend of all time, the motto is: Just do nothing! Painful plucking or tedious cutting into shape is absolutely not necessary with this look, instead of reaching for the tweezers, just let the eyebrows grow. The look lives on the fact that it does not look perfect, so just the eyebrow arch should be left alone. Only between the brows may be removed the Härchen – but this is also not a must.