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Ex-GNTM contestant Laura W. – type change after show exit!

A week before the big GNTM makeover, it was for Laura W.: “Unfortunately, I have no photo for you today!” However, the 20-year-old clearly felt like a type change even without Heidi: On Instagram, the aspiring model now showed herself with a completely new hairstyle.

At GNTM 2022 candidate Laura W. had scored not only with her hourglass figure, but also with her blonde Wallemähne. But the former Germany’s Next Topmodel"contestant has now said goodbye to it. Her new look: much, much darker! "She joined the dark side" – to Dt. "She has switched to the dark side" – wrote the 20-year-old then also on Instagram to the photo, which shows her with new style:

Laura W. – after GNTM back to the natural hair color!

In fact, even model mom Heidi could not have found a more harmonious look for the young model during the makeover: The warm brown tone fits perfectly with the eyebrow color of the 20-year-old, anyway, the dark shade looks much more natural and makes her eyes shine more. This is probably no wonder, after all, the new tone is her natural hair color, as Laura W. revealed in an interview with Promiflash.

But why did she dare to take the step from blonde to brünice? "When I was kicked out, I just thought to myself: ‚Okay, the GNTM section is now over, now you need a change‘", said Laura W. to "Promiflash". A decision that the Influencerin does not regret so far. The new hair color she likes much better – and also in the comment columns hail compliments for the dark Mähne.

We are curious to see what other type changes await us this week, after all, the remaining GNTM contestants will also be getting their hair done in episode six. More on "Germany’s Next Topmodel" on Thursday from 20:15 clock on ProSieben.