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“Elevator Boy” Tim Schäcker: This is how social media changed my life

Two years ago, he was still leading a normal student life, but now he has more than four million fans on TikTok alone, recently splashed around in the pool with Heidi Klum and even landed a job as a voice actor in the Disney-Pixar film “Red”: we’re talking about Tim Schäcker, who is currently really taking off as part of the “Elevator Boys”. The 23-year-old revealed to us in a video interview how he deals with his sudden fame and what the downsides of success are.

It all started with a few spontaneous videos of Tim Schäcker (23), Jacob Rott (21), Luis Freitag (22), Bene Schulz (20) and Julien Brown (21) standing in an elevator and grinning flirty into the camera. Short clips that went viral on TikTok and Instagram in no time at all and turned the Elevator Boys into a real social media phenomenon with an incredible fan base.

The double life of Tim Schäcker: business student and social media star.

This was followed by invitations to Fashion Week, appearances on TV shows, a two-month stay in the USA – including a video shoot with Heidi Klum – and for Tim, who is actually in the final stages of his business studies, now a voice-over role for a Disney film. In the new Pixar animated film "Red", which has been available exclusively on Disney+ since March 11, 2022, Tim lends his voice to the film character Devon – a "mega-experience" for which he skipped two exams, as he told Tikbow in an interview. How he manages the balancing act between his social media career and being a student, what friends and family say about his videos and how crass the fan hype around the "Elevator Boys" really is – more on that in the video above!

Elevator Boys
The "Elevator Boys": Jacob Rott, Tim Schäcker, Luis Freitag, Bene Schulz and Julien Brown (left to right). Photo: Getty Images