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Dye hair red without bleaching – what are the options?

Red hair is the trend! However, the road to red hair is paved with many question marks: Do I have to bleach my hair first? Tinting or coloring – which is better? And which shade suits me best? Tikbow clarifies.

To dye the hair red is a courageous step, which actually many more people should dare. Because: There are so many variants and nuances that everyone can find the right tone. The choice depends solely on the existing hair color and your own complexion, because not everyone looks equally good with the same shade of red. While light to medium skin gets more glow from hair in colder and lighter reds, reddish-brown to cherry-red nuances suit darker skin types best. Especially with darker hair, however, the question of an intermediate bleaching step arises before red can be colored. But does this really have to be done?

Color hair red without bleaching – is that possible?

This question is difficult to answer in a generalized way, because your own hair color plays a major role. In plain language, this means that the initial color of the hair determines the color result.

Color light hair red

If you have naturally blond or already bleached hair and want to dye your mane red, you have the best chance of achieving an optimal color result without an additional round of bleaching, because light hair absorbs red tones most intensively. In principle, any shade of red is possible here, but care should be taken when coloring so that the hair color does not end up more intense than originally planned.

Dyeing dark hair red

With brown hair, this danger is less, because the red tone does not stand out so much. Because: If you want to dye brown hair red without bleaching, the color will always automatically have a brown undertone. Black hair, however, poses an even greater challenge, because without prior bleaching, only a slight shimmer can be created.

Hair permanently red dye – Advantages and disadvantages

Whether you have the original hair color or not, if you color your hair red with chemical colorants, you are opting for a permanent type change. The advantages: This variant lasts the longest and achieves the most intensive color result. The hair color can be easily ordered online or purchased at the drugstore. If you want to be on the safe side, pay a visit to your hairdresser. To ensure that the color of the DIY coloration is as close as possible to the color indicated on the packaging, you should follow the recommended starting hair colors printed on the packaging. Most often, permanent colorations in red are recommended for blond to medium brown hair. But even those with darker hair can dye their hair red, but must be prepared for the fact that the change in their own hair color will not be too intense.

And remember: Although this coloration variant does not involve extra bleaching, permanent colorations are treated with a hydrogen peroxide developer cream, which first removes the pigments from the hair so that the new color pigments can settle. This is usually not a walk in the park for the hair.

Dyeing hair red with toner

If you just want to test the red look for now, a tönung is ideal. Unlike a permanent coloration, it wears out after about two months and you can always decide again for the reddish shimmer. A tint in the color red is therefore ideal for all those who are not yet sure whether the shade suits them or who want to give their mane a more interesting twist. Here, too, blondes and brunettes have a good chance of achieving the optimum color result, while black-haired people usually have to make do with a rudimentary sheen. But beware: Many intensive colorants on the market are almost as durable as a permanent colorant. Therefore, if you are new to coloring, it is better to approach the process carefully with a first-stage soft colorant or a color refreshing treatment. Incidentally, a hair coloration is much less stressful for the hair than a permanent hair color. So if you have fine or brittle hair, it is better to opt for a tint.

Color hair red with henna

Those who want to color their hair without chemicals should opt for henna, the natural alternative to conventional colorants. The sustainable colorant is used to paint tattoos on the skin or to temporarily dye the hair red. Henna-based vegetable hair dye is also a great option for people with allergies, thanks to which they no longer have to do without dyeing their hair. Although henna does not last as long as conventional color, but conjures at least an equally beautiful shimmer in the hair!