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Dye hair gray – what you should definitely consider

For a long time you can see not only older women with gray hair. Silver and gray hair are very trendy. However, the look is not so easy to dye. We asked a hairdresser what you should pay attention to.

Who does gray hair suit überhaupt?

One thing is clear: gray hair does not have to be dyed. On the contrary! Many people want to have a white mane, even if they are not gray. But as cool and trendy as gray hair is – the unusual color does not suit everyone. It depends on the skin and eye color. If you have a dark complexion, it is better to keep your hands off gray hair. However, if you are naturally a lighter type, you can’t go wrong with the gray style. In addition, gray hair brings out green and blue eyes. A perfect example is singer Anne Marie. For a long time she wore gray hair, which made her light blue eyes shine even more:

How to prepare the hair for gray coloring?

For a uniform gray, the hair must first be bleached, because "you need an almost white base to be able to achieve such a gray tone", explains Giulia Hiller. The master hairdresser therefore recommends a gray tint only for healthy and well-maintained hair. For this purpose, conditioner should be used after every hair wash and more intensive care, such as a hair treatment, should be applied every four to five washes. Regular tip trimming is also a must.

At home gray hair färben – what to consider?

It is very risky to bleach the hair yourself,” says Hiller, “so I would always recommend a visit to the hairdresser. If you want to turn your bleached hair gray, make sure you don’t buy a lighter color, but a gray tint. The cool gray effect can also be conjured up by so-called shading. This method is particularly suitable for the insecure, because the shading washes out again.

How do I properly care for gray colored hair?

The gray color is a heavy load for our hair. So that they do not become brüchig, intensive care is particularly important. To maintain the silver tinge in the hair, a silver shampoo helps. Silver shampoo is sufficient every two to three shampoos, as it usually also has a drying effect,” says the expert. Even better, therefore, is conditioner with gray or purple pigments, which moisturizes and refreshes the gray tint.

Is it possible to dye dark hair gray?

DIY trend or not: in no case should you, especially with darker hair, try to get the whole transformation done at home without professional help and advice. If you have very dark hair by nature, it’s better to stay away from the gray trend anyway. Hairdresser Giulia Hiller says: "If the natural hair color is very dark, it is very difficult, in some cases even impossible, to bleach the hair light enough. Then I would advise against a gray coloration."

But no need to worry earlier or later we all get our chance at the granny look – whether by coloring or naturally.


– with expert advice from Giulia Hiller, master hairdresser in Ulm (Instagram: @hairbygiuli)