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Digital make-up in check! Will we soon only be wearing makeup virtually?

A new look at the touch of a finger – certain makeup tools show how professional styling will work in 2022. Namely, completely digital and very easy to implement at home! We take a closer look at digital makeup and show its advantages and disadvantages.

Despite numerous tips and online makeup tutorials, it is sometimes difficult in practice to find the right beauty products for one’s own type. Online shopping in particular always involves a certain risk in this respect, since lipstick or eye shadow cannot be tried out on the face. This is actually indispensable if you want to find the right tone. Digital makeup can be a lifesaver here. But what exactly is it and how does it work? Tikbow does the check.

What is digital makeup?

When you think of cosmetics, haptic objects such as lipsticks, mascara, foundation or brushes are the first things that come to mind. Digital makeup now opens up completely new possibilities: Users can virtually try out different products, colors and styles on their own faces, save and share the images with their digitally made-up selves. This works both with live shots – such as Instagram filters – or with pictures that have already been taken, which are then edited after the fact.

Virtual make-up – this is how’it works

Digital makeup makes it possible to style yourself virtually according to your own wishes – and without any professional knowledge or special technical skills. How does it work exactly? You take a photo of your own face directly via the respective app or program, or open an existing image. Different looks and masks are stored in the tools, which can simply be superimposed on the face in the photo. Some programs also offer a drawing function, but this requires fingertip skill. Combining the various digital make-up elements ideally results in a realistic-looking make-up. This is particularly practical for online shopping: You can project the desired product directly onto your own face and see whether the color and look are right.

Tools at a glance

This service is available, for example, from the luxury brand Chanel or the beauty giant L’Oréal Paris, where the corresponding products can then be purchased directly online. Online tools such as SoftSkin Photo Makeup for beginners and Adobe Photoshop for image professionals make it possible to apply your own digital makeup far from an online store. But because self-portrayal in everyday life is mostly done on the smartphone, the largest pool of digital makeup tools is available as apps for Android and iOS. With the free app "YouCam Makeup" or with "Facetune" it is easy to take a selfie or select a previously saved image and apply the desired makeup.

The problem with digital make-up

The development of digital makeup, which originated in the film industry and the post-processing of faces on the screen, makes it possible for everyone to change their own look according to their personal wishes. This development shows once again where the beauty trend is heading at the moment: towards self-optimization, but digitally. And this is precisely the crux of the matter, which is why these tools should be used with caution, especially in childhood and adolescence. The images, which are far removed from reality, support many an exalted ideal of beauty, which in reality is virtually unattainable for most people.