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Did you know what mouthwash can do? 9 ingenious hacks

Did you know that mouthwash can do much more than fight bad taste? The liquid helps in the kitchen, with shriveled feet, and can even provide SOS service for dating mishaps. Tikbow reveals 9 hacks using mouthwash.

Invented in 1892 by Karl August Lingner in Dresden, the mouthwash, which is supposed to put an end to tooth-damaging bacteria in the mouth, is actually not only good for fresh breath. Antiseptic active ingredients such as propanediol, alcohol, natural aromas, essential oils and salicylic acid phenyl esters make this germ killer from the drugstore shelf a real all-purpose weapon that even gets hickeys under control. The hacks with mouthwash at a glance.

Hack with mouthwash – Prevent sweat;odor

Mouthwash doubles as a deodorant substitute, making it the ideal beauty hack. Simply put it on a cotton ball and dab it under the armpits. This prevents perspiration odor and provides an extra freshness kick.

Prevent dandruff in hair

What hardly anyone knows: Mouthwash prevents dandruff better than some anti-dandruff shampoos. After washing your hair, massage in the mouthwash, rinse thoroughly and you’re done!

Combat heat;hunger attacks

Do you know this unbearable craving for chocolate, cookies and the like? If you don’t want to give in to this craving, you can rinse your mouth with mouthwash. The fresh mint flavor distracts the taste buds so well that the desire for sex immediately subsides.

Brighten hickeys

Hickeys are quite schön hartnäckig. Carefully dabbed with mouthwash, the dark red or dark blue areas immediately lighten. A bit of good covering make-up is applied and you can go out again.

Trick mül bucket stink

Mouthwash stink is particularly troublesome as soon as temperatures start to rise again. A paper towel soaked in mouthwash at the bottom of the bucket allows delicate minty scents to rise, preventing üble odors from becoming too dominant.

Remove horny skin from the feet

A footbath made of one part water, one part vinegar and one part mouthwash ensures baby-soft skin on the feet. Simply relax in it for 15 minutes and then rub off the calluses. This also prevents foot fungus.

Clean the toilet

The footbath water can be used directly as a toilet cleaner. So pour it in, brush it over with the brush and you’ve saved yourself a cleaning session with expensive cleaning agents. Best of all, the mixture is also kinder to the environment because it is much easier on the environment than aggressive toilet cleaners.

Clean greasy screens

Mouthwash frees screens and monitors from streaks, dust and other öck debris, guaranteeing a crystal clear view without leaving a chemical smell.

Soothing itching after stings

If mosquitoes have tasted blood, it’s hard to resist the itchiness, even though we know that scratching only makes things worse. Fortunately, a hack with mouthwash helps here too: a few drops of mouthwash on the scratched area provide quick relief and disinfect the sting at the same time.