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Diagnosis breast cancer! Sonya Kraus had both breasts removed

Presenter Sonya Kraus is known as radiant, always in a good mood. In “Bunte” and “Stern,” however, the mother of two sons now made public that extremely hard months lie behind her: In September 2021 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and in November she had both breasts removed.

The diagnosis of breast cancer demanded everything from Sonya Kraus, turned her life completely upside down. "I focused my attention only on the positive. I didn’t want a slice-by-slice, breast-conserving therapy that might end unhappily. I have two small children, so I wanted the most radical procedure and the best possible chance for me not to get sick again,” says the TV presenter, explaining her decision to have both breasts removed two months after her diagnosis.

Sonja Kraus: Breast cancer was discovered early on

Her luck was that the fast-growing node with 0.8 centimeters in diameter was very small and was discovered early, so she still had all the possibilities to act, said the moderator in an interview with the magazine Stern. Intuitively, she decided to have a mastectomy – to remove both breasts – even if one breast was healthy. And it had been the right decision: "There was another precancerous breast behind the nipple. It would not have been discovered otherwise," says Sonja Kraus.

The 48-year-old also vividly describes that moment when she received the diagnosis on the phone: "I felt strange, like the air pressure was dropping within milliseconds. Life stops for a moment. The brain doesn’t understand that at first,” she is quoted as saying by Stern magazine. It is also important to the presenter to draw attention to how important regular preventive care can be – even or especially in times of Corona. "If I hadn’t gone for a routine check-up, I might not be alive anymore", Sonya Kraus told "Bunte".


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