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Courteney Cox about beauty procedures: “Had no idea how weird I looked

Linda Evangelista, Jamie Lee Curtis – the list of those stars who openly talk about their beauty procedures and their sometimes dramatic consequences is getting longer and longer. Away from the taboo, towards a healthier awareness of one’s own body – a path that “Friends” star Courteney Cox has now also taken.

As Monica Geller in the cult series Friends, Courteney Cox appeared in all 236 episodes from 1994 to 2004 and was one of the six main characters in the sitcom. A fame that brought the actresses a lot of limelight and praise – but also had its downsides: For a long time, the roles stuck to the actresses like Pattex, growing old in front of the eyes of millions of fans became an ordeal.

"There was a time when I realized: ‘Oh, I am changing. I look older.’ For years I tried to chase (youthfulness),” the British Daily Mail quotes from an interview Cox gave to the Sunday edition of the Times. With a wide variety of fillers, injections and other treatments, she had resisted getting older until she almost became crazy.

Courteney  Cox
Courteney Cox in "Friends"-times in the late 90s Photo: Getty Images

"I didn’t get how weird I looked with all these fillers on my face. I was doing stuff and didn’t really know what it was myself," Cox said. At some point, she says, she realized that it had to stop – that point "when you suddenly realize "what your friends are talking about".

Even though she no longer goes under the knife for her (supposed) beauty – she still has an extreme weakness for beauty products of all kinds, Courtney Cox reveals. She is still being watched and judged extremely closely, and she still feels an enormous pressure to look good. Courteney Cox nächster milestone: her 60th birthday in three years.


– Courteney Cox on Life after Monica: ‚I still feel like I’m young‘, Sunday Times