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Unmakeup stars – Cameron Diaz looks great even without makeup!

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Many actresses do not dare to make an appearance without makeup. However, Cameron Diaz is not one of them – she is a definite proof that stars without makeup look good! On Twitter, she recently unveiled her first book – and looked adorable doing it!

Undressed stars – Cameron Diaz looks adorable

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Recently, the actress posted a photo on Twitter, where she proudly presented her first book. She worked on it for more than 1.5 years – in the book she presents her beauty secret and gives tips on healthy diet and fitness exercises. She herself admits that she has not always eaten healthy – she also likes beer and hamburgers from time to time. But over the years she has learned to maintain a balanced diet and keep her dream weight with exercise. The result is impressive – compared to some other unflattering stars, Cameron Diaz looks fit and healthy. The book will be available in the USA from December 31 – just the right time for everyone who has promised themselves to lose weight and live healthily in the New Year.

Unflattering stars – Cameron Diaz insists on a healthy diet

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Cameron Diaz is one of the lucky few blondes who have darker eyebrows – this accentuates and highlights even the most unflattering face. We’ll give you some tips on how you too can save yourself the hassle of putting on makeup every morning. If you have light eyebrows, you can simply dye them a shade darker. For a natural look, it’s better to do without eye shadow – just apply a foundation so that her skin looks radiant throughout the day. Small wrinkles around the eyes can be covered with concealer.

Cameron Diaz – beautiful skin through healthy diet

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For natural look accentuate eyes with mascara and lips with pink lipstick

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Beautiful woman – Cameron Diaz in top shape

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So surprised and happy the actress is about her first book

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