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Baba Wanga – facts about the seer’s life and predictions

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There is hardly anyone who has not heard about the well-known clairvoyant. Known as a phenomenon, the Bulgarian woman still fascinates many people from all over the world because of her many predictions, which guided not only the common people, but even famous people such as politicians, artists and actors. Learn below various facts and information about the Bulgarian Baba Wanga and her life, which predictions are the most famous and which notables visited her.

Who is Baba Wanga?


As mentioned above, Baba Wanga is a clairvoyant and healer who lived from 1911 to 1996. Her full name is Evangelia Pandewa Guschterova, where “Baba” simply means “grandmother” in Bulgarian. She was born in the Ottoman Empire and more precisely in Strumica in present-day Macedonia. Her mother died just a few years after her birth. Due to her father’s poverty, the family, which by now included a stepmother, moved to her father’s hometown of Novo Selo, which is also in Macedonia. And it was exactly there that her abilities began, which she did not have as a small child.


During a storm, the still young twelve-year-old girl was carried away by a wind and thus disappeared for several days. After days, when she was found under stones and dirt, it was discovered that she had gone blind. Nevertheless, she claimed to be able to see what was around her. Attempts to cure the visual disorder failed, and after some time she was sent to a home for the blind, where she learned to cope with her situation and perform everyday tasks, such as sewing, setting the table, or other household tasks. When after three years her stepmother also passed away, Baba Wanga returned to take care of her siblings.

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In the meantime her unusual abilities became more and more noticeable. She herself describes the predictions as if they were dreams. Among other things, she helps her father find a sheep that was stolen from him, describing in detail the farm where it was found. During the Second World War, the clairvoyant gradually gained greater popularity. People whose relatives were sent to war visited her to find out if they were still alive. Over the years, her popularity increased and people from different countries, including Russia and Serbia, visited her, with quite a few waiting several days outside her door. There was not really an exact order here. She herself decided or “saw” who was next in line. The seer also gave tips on natural herbs to cure diseases.


After marrying her husband, she moved with him to Petrich in present-day Bulgaria, where she stayed for the rest of her life. Unable to have children, the couple adopted a girl. Wanga invested most of her life in the construction of a church, near which she was buried. She predicted her death to the hour. The cause of death was a disease of cancer, which she knew about long before the diagnosis, but kept secret. There are several documentaries about her life and the prophecies of Baba Wanga. Even a series was filmed in Russia and released in 2013, showing the biography of the clairvoyant.

Baba Wanga’s predictions

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Baba Wanga’s predictions are, of course, numerous and it is difficult to summarize them all. Another problem is that the Wanga prophecies were never written down in full and in detail. In addition, as with most other predictions, nothing was named precisely. So they leave a lot of room for interpretation. Nevertheless, we would like to name the most famous of them all, which still astonish many to this day. Thus, the clairvoyant predicted the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center (“The American twins will fall after being attacked by two steel birds. The wolves will howl in the bush while innocent blood will be spilled.”), as well as the election of Obama as the first colored president of the United States. She also saw the Fukushima nuclear disaster coming and the death of Bulgaria’s Czar Boris III.


The future for Europe and also for the rest of the world also looks less rosy. So there are predictions about World War 3 as well. One of them is that chemical weapons will be used, causing diseases such as cancer and destroying much of the European population. Islamist attacks and immigration starting in 2016 is also foreseen by her, as well as that in late 2066 Europe will not only be led by Islam, but also attacked by the states. The capital at this time will be Rome. Afterwards again the socialism is to return. Also that extraterrestrials exist and even live among us, claims Baba Wanga. With their help, however, humans will one day learn to live under water. The end of the world should be according to their statement in the year 3797. However, at this time, humans are now settling on a new planet. Among all the bad prophecies, however, there are also some positive ones: for one thing, the cloning of organs is becoming commonplace, and the end of famine in the world should not be long in coming.

Famous personalities who visited Baba Wanga


What offered help to the common people was of course also interesting for well-known personalities. So it is no wonder that also such people came to Petrich to visit the famous clairvoyant Baba Wanga. Among them was not only the Bulgarian Tsar Boris III, but even Hitler is said to have paid her a visit before the beginning of the 2nd World War. However, records that could confirm this are missing. Stalin and the daughter of former Bulgarian President Todor Zhivkov were also some of her visitors.