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Cameron Diaz reveals her bizarre beauty secret

It’s been more than seven years since Cameron Diaz said goodbye to the big Hollywood stage – and with it, the numerous beauty and fashion dictates that come with the industry. In a podcast, the actress now talked about her new life and revealed a very special beauty secret.

How does it feel to retreat from life in the spotlight and private things are suddenly private again? Hollywood star Cameron Diaz (49) is one who has experienced this – with her wedding to Benji Madden in 2015, she turned her back on the glamour world and has since been living a life far away from red carpets and exhausting beauty standards. What that means in detail, she told now in the BBC podcast "Rule Breakers".

Washing your face? Not with Cameron Diaz!

Today she hardly thinks about her appearance anymore, revealed the actress, who became a mother of a daughter in 2019. And goes even further into detail: Although she has "a billion" care products on the shelf, she loves not to wash her face, quotes the "Daily Mail" from the podcast with Cameron Diaz.

Cameron Diaz
Since 2015, the actress has turned down countless film offers – for a life with more freedom. Photo: Getty Images

Hollywood with all its expectations seemed like a trap to her, the 49-year-old is quoted as saying. "I am definitely a victim of that social exploitation and objectification to which women so often find themselves exposed", said Diaz. She said it has not been easy for her to break free of that and not constantly compare herself. Her priority now, she said, is to stay strong– and "wild", "wild as a wild animal".