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Bushy Brows – how we style eyebrows bushy.

The time of over-plucked eyebrows is over. At least for all those women who proudly grow their Bushy Brows in abundance. And it’s a good thing too, because the voluminous and bushy eyebrow trend is here to stay.

Bushy Brows are worn by models like Cara Delevingne and Sophia Hadjipanteli or actress Lily
Collins. They all let their eyebrows grow in their natural shape and fullness. But what to do when naturally bushy and voluminous eyebrows are lacking or the little hairs have been plucked üover in the latest retro trend of narrow eyebrows? Tikbow spoke with brow expert Doreen Koch from Hamburg, who knows how to achieve the trendy eyebrow look, regardless of the shape of the brows or how many hairs are missing.

How do I style Bushy Brows?

Of course, the wild little hairs around the eyes need a little styling to make the trend look perfectly imperfect. To achieve this, the brows are lifted with a small brow brush. Any gaps in the hair growth or an irregular hairline can be filled in with a color-coordinated eyebrow pencil to emphasize the full look. In the end, the eyebrows are fixed with a Soap Brow, so that the upwardly chiseled härchen also hold the whole day über stand.

Are Bushy Brows possible even without much brow?

For all those who cannot naturally show off fluffy caterpillars as eyebrows or who have plucked too much recently, there is not only a cosmetic remedy. Because sustainably full, bushy eyebrows are also created with the microblading variant, explains Brow expert and Twinkle Browbar business manager Doreen Koch. "The treatment is based on semi-permanent pigmentation of the eyebrows. With the Bushy Brows, the härchen are drawn directly during the application by hand with a fine blade bushy and feathery upwards. This creates a very natural and long-lasting bushy look, which, in contrast to the classic pigmentation of permanent make-up, appears much softer, more fluid and deceptively real. The color, which is matched to the natural tone, only reaches the uppermost layer of the skin with the microblading method and visually fills any unevenness in the brow. The Bushy Brows look lasts up to two years, depending on skin type.

Bushy Brows by Microblading: Are there risks for skin and eyebrows?

After the microblading method for Bushy Brows, it is important to care for the eyebrows appropriately to avoid possible risks such as inflammation. "The eyebrows should be wiped with a damp cotton pad every two hours directly after the treatment and treated with an appropriate care cream if they feel tense", says expert Koch. It is also important that the pigmentation does not come into contact with soap, cosmetics or sweat for about ten days during the healing process. Sauna, solarium and sports are therefore taboo for the time being, especially in the days after treatment. "It is normal that the area around the eyebrows may be a little bit irritated after microblading. However, the Rötungen disappear within a few hours. Since we only work in the top layer of the skin and do not get too close to the hair roots, nothing can happen to the härchen. Scars can also not occur in this way", assures the Brow expert.

How are Bushy Brows best staged?

The highly styled, brushed-up brows are versatile and very popular, Expert Koch also explains the increasing demand for the bushy eyebrows. The feathery-looking eyebrows open up the face and help to create a more alert and fresh look. On the one hand, bushy brows go perfectly with natural daytime make-up. On the other hand, they lend a glamorous evening look a certain edgy touch, for example in combination with smoky eyes.


– with expert advice from Doreen Koch, Brow Expert and Managing Director of Twinkle Browbar in Hamburg.