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Brand new look! Superstar Beyoncé surprises with blunt bob

In the course of her more than 30-year career, superstar Beyoncé has already tried out countless different hairstyles and has emphatically proven that there is simply nothing that does not suit her. With a post on Instagram, however, the singer has now managed to surprise her fans.

In the campaign pictures for her fashion brand Ivy Park, Beyoncé poses in a sexy latex dress with matching puffer jacket, long gloves and cap. Eye-catcher is not only her bright red outfit, but especially the hairstyle of the 40-year-old: Whereas the singer recently opted for a waist-length, honey-blond bob, the shooting pictures now show a contrasting look: Beyoncé with a chin-length, accurately cut blunt bob with the tips turned inwards and straight bangs! A severe hairstyle that almost reminds a little of the cult cut of Uma Thurman in "Pulp Fiction" – only in a caramel blond tone.

Of course, it cannot be ruled out that Beyoncés new hairstyle is a perücke, after all, many celebrity ladies like to trick with amazingly real-looking hairpieces – even Beyoncé has already done one or the other perücke. But whether real or fake: The singer looks once again stunning with the short hair in combination with the signal color looks, the red lips and her arty eye make-up – cool, serious and quite schün sexy!

This is how the Blunt Bob à la Beyonc&eacute succeeds;

Fancy getting a stylish blunt bob à la Beyoncé? Then you should definitely go to the hair professional, a DIY cut is not a good idea in this case. The Blunt Bob lives nämlich from its blunt and extremely straight cut tips and also the bangs should not be fringy, but should fall straight and strict. Definitely a labor-intensive hairstyle that requires a lot of expertise and regular re-cutting.

Once the cut is there, it needs styling tools like hairdryers and straightening irons – and that every day, because the perfectly accurate look needs to be styled well. Make sure to dry your hair after washing, using the cold air jet at the end for extra shine. Then straighten the lengths, turning the tips inwards very slightly. Finally, a glossing spray provides the necessary shine – ready is the glistening Beyoncé bob. If the styling procedure is too strenuous for you or you just want to try out the severe look, reaching for the perücke makes sense.