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Bottleneck bob: Why the short haircut with bangs for women with thin hair made a splash on Instagram

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Every year, the classic bob haircut is reinterpreted. This year, the so-called bottleneck bob has crept into the hearts of stars and influencers. We explain what’s behind the term and how to properly style the trendy bob.

Bottleneck bob: what is the appeal of the trendy hairstyle for short hair?

Bottleneck bob haircut style with bangs

The bottleneck bob is actually a very low-maintenance and cool hairstyle that can be adapted to the shape of the face. On top, bangs flatter the face and emphasize the eyes and eyebrows. The upper part of the hair is styled not voluminous. At the bottom, the ends of the hair are blow-dried inwards or outwards as desired. The haircut looks especially good on women with long faces, but can be modified as desired and is then quite suitable for women with angular or round faces.

How to style the short haircut correctly: in everyday life and for special occasions.

Bottleneck bob haircut proper styling tips

The bob can be styled in any way. Sleek for special occasions, with hair behind the ears, with casual waves for a playful beach look (looks especially nice with strands of hair), chin-length or shoulder-length: the trend hairstyle of the year offer numerous styling options, with and without accessories.

Bottleneck bob style right with bangs outwards

As for the bangs, they too can be combed to the side or back, or simply fall loosely into the face. Which option you choose depends more on the shape of your face. Get advice from a hairdresser when cutting your hair and try different variants at home.

Care for Bottleneck Bob properly: This is what you should pay attention to

Bob haircut for thin hair furor on Instagram

The most important thing when caring for your bob hairstyle is to have your hair recut regularly (that is, once a month). If you dye it, then you should also do this during the monthly visit to the hairdresser.

Bob haircut for women with wavy hair

For everyday styling, you may still need a curling iron, conditioner and a blow dryer. Try different variations until you find a hairstyle that suits your face best.

Are updos possible with the bob?

Bottleneck bob short haircuts for women with thin hair

If the bob is shoulder length, then some updos are also feasible. However, you can also braid short hair without any problems – the braided hairstyles are particularly charming, easy to maintain and uncomplicated, making them perfect for everyday life. You can browse through our post for braided hairstyles with bangs and look at the different variations.

Which hair color goes best with the Bottleneck Bob?

Bottleneck bob properly cut and care tips

The trendy haircut does not make any special demands on the hair color. However, the hairstyle looks much better if the hair is completely colored. Strands are allowed as long as they are very subtle and do not differ too much from the main tone.

Style Bob Beachwaves

Bottleneck bob volume down properly style

If the hair reaches the collarbone, then the so-called beachwaves are feasible. You can easily restyle the look with a blow dryer, it is not complicated at all. However, make sure that the characteristic shape of the haircut is preserved. Use special volumizing styling products to make the hairstyle durable . For special occasions, you can also style the beachwaves with a straightening iron.

How does the haircut work for natural curls?

Hairstyles for curly hair cut short with bangs

The special thing about the hairstyle is that the hair is styled flat on top and voluminous at the bottom. However, for women with natural curls, this is not always possible. In this case, it is also enough if simply the lower part of the hair is more voluminous than the upper.

Sleek styling for women with straight hair

Women with straight hair can go for sleek styling. The trendy look is given with a straightening iron and suitable styling products. The best thing is that you can not invest a lot of time, but for the hairstyle you need less than 10 minutes in the morning.

What bob length should you choose?

The length of the hair can vary greatly. In the classic bottleneck cut, the ends of the hair end at the level of the chin, in the longbob – the collarbone, in the short version – the ears. Anyone can adjust the length as desired, because the trend hairstyle in the first place is about a successful styling.