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Bleached Brows – how the trend works with and without coloring

Bleaching the eyebrows – this completely changes the look, as many celebrities prove. Bleached brows are therefore one of the beauty trends that are edgy to the maximum and do not hide. We explain how good it is for skin and hairs and how the look works without any chemical treatment.

Madonna bleached her eyebrows as early as the 1990s, supermodels like Linda Evangelista and Kate Moss showed the avant-garde Bleached Brows style on runways and in photo shoots back then, and even in the days of Queen Elizabeth I, it wasn’t just the queen who liked the face without eyebrows.

A high, hairless forehead defined the ideal of beautiful and smart women back then. To this day, this clean look, which also gives the face more room for other makeup highlights, has not lost its appeal. For those who find bleached eyebrows too radical, makeup can also be used without färben. Tikbow explains how the beauty trend works with and without bleach. 

What are Bleached Brows?

Bleached Brows are bleached eyebrows that seem to almost disappear on fair complexions and create extreme contrasts on darker skin. With the right styling, the beauty trend, which is staged on Instagram, Tiktok and by celebrities like Lizzo or "You"–star Victoria Pedretti, becomes an absolute statement look. Lightened eyebrows give the face more fläche and expressiveness fär additional make-up accents. This makes dramatic and extravagant eye make-up with gemstones, glitter eye shadow or smoky eyes even more expressive. 

How are eyebrows bleached?

In the first step of a professional treatment, the condition of the skin and eyebrows for Bleached Brows must be analyzed, explains beauty expert Sanita Gümrükcü of "Bb brow bar" in Hamburg. "If there is no inflammation or injury to the skin, a lightening eyebrow color is mixed with the appropriate developer, consisting of hydrogen peroxide, and then applied with a brush to the brow saturated " To support the bleaching effect, the brows are covered with cling film. Depending on the hair type, eyebrow thickness and individually desired color intensity of the Bleached Brows, the application time is between five to 15 minutes;

Are there risks to skin and eyebrows? 

If Bleached Brows are applied on your own without professional guidance, it can quickly turn into a DIY fail. The oxidant in the colorant, which must be applied in highly concentrated form, especially for dark eyebrows, destroys the hair’s natural color pigments and can, in rare cases, severely irritate the skin and hair. As a result "eyebrows can be colored lückenhaft, hair even fall out or skin irritation and allergic reactions arise", warns the Brow expert. 

Do Bleached Brows work for dark eyebrows?

Dark eyebrows can also be chemically bleached. However, depending on the hair type, the result can vary greatly. "Especially dark eyebrows that contain red color pigments can look slightly orange as Bleached Brows", Gümrükcü reports from her own experience. Her eyebrows are very dark "and they don’t become really blond!" No matter what shade of blond is created in the end, the beauty expert recommends a "fixing Brows Soap, which brings eyebrows into shape or makes them bushier if desired."

Make-up: Bleached Brows without Färben

If you want to test Bleached Brows as an unusual look without permanently bleaching your eyebrows, you can use the Bleached Brows filter on Instagram for photos or simply work with makeup. For made-up Bleached Brows several layers of make-up are applied. Prepare by spreading some primer on the eyebrows using an Eyebrow Spoolie and fix it with Setting Spray for a long-lasting Bleached Brows look. As a tip from Sanita Gümrükcü, alternatively, a gewöhnlicher glue stick can also be used to fix all the härchen. After that, apply concealer or camouflage cream in layers and then blend the eyebrows and surrounding skin with a makeup sponge. To emphasize the cool Ästhetics of the Bleached Brows, another make-up highlight on the face is enough, such as a pink or very dark lipstick. Of course, the more area around the eyes can also be used and staged by the bleached brows: with an intensive eyeshadow or expressive eyeliner.


– with expert advice from Sanita Gümrükcü from the "Bb brow bar" (Locations: Elbe Einkaufszentrum & Europa Passage in Hamburg; Instagram: bb.browbar,)