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Billie Eilish surprises with micro bangs and black hair

New month, new hairstyle for Billie Eilish! The singer is changing her hair colors and cuts like crazy right now, her latest look: shorter, fringier and pitch black.

Billie Eilish doesn’t give her hair a break and now a fringe. Just a few weeks ago, she überraschte with brünice Mähne, after she had caused a stir with a blatant blonde makeover only a few months earlier. Now, however, her short brown phase is already passé, the Sängerin is now hairstyle-technically become a few numbers darker – and shared her new look with a matching black emoji and the words "she’s back", to Dt. she is back, on Instagram:

Billie Eilish in gothic look with bangs

But not only the color is new, Billie Eilish has also intensified her wolf cut. The result is a chin-length fringe hairstyle with micro bangs, which in combination with the black hair color promises certain gothic vibes and highlights her blue eyes even more. After we have seen the singer with an almost infinite number of different hairstyles, we are beginning to wonder: is there any hairstyle that doesn’t suit her? And how much chemistry can her hair withstand? After all, the constant color changes are no walk in the park for the mane. And yet Billie Eilish’s hair looks as healthy as ever.

Whatever the hair secret of Billie and her stylist is, one thing is certain: they have literally hit the mark with the new look of the 20-year-old. The Instagram photo, which shows Billie with a pitch-black mane, has more than 9 million likes after just one day. The nearly 72,500 comments under the hair post are also full of compliments, and her fans are thrilled. Now it only remains to be seen how long Billie will remain faithful to the hairstyle this time – and which look she will try out next.