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Zoë Kravitz shows off her skincare and makeup tricks

Zoë Kravitz, the daughter of actress Lisa Bonet and singer Lenny Kravitz, is simply a looker! The 32-year-old’s skin always seems glowy and flawless – that wasn’t always the case, as she now revealed in a video. As a teenager she suffered from acne and today swears not only therefore on a well thought-out skincare routine, which she pulls through every day.

I have always been very interested in skin care,” Kravitz explains at the beginning of the video. She copied this from her parents, – who can still enjoy enviably wrinkle-free skin even at 50+. With her 5-step skincare routine, she probably also has the best chance of maintaining her youthful look for a long time to come. Kravitz‘ philosophy: If you take care of your skin and drink a lot, "then you don’t need make-up to cover something, but only to highlight something."

The skincare routine of Zoë Kravitz

Zoë Kravitz starts her cleansing procedure with Rhonda Allison "Pumpkin Cleanser", which she laps up with her hands and massages in. This is followed by a serum from Retrouvé, a Facial Mist from Caudalie and sunscreen. "I have not always used cream with SPF, I am just starting to pay more attention to it", confesses the skincare fan. What else does she think is important for radiant, beautiful skin? Drinking plenty of fluids and "inner well-being." So once a year she goes on the 30-day Dr. Schulze detox cure with her mother to detoxify the body. Eye cream, of course, is also on Kravitz‘s list of skincare must-haves. Her favorite to nourish the delicate eye area is Retrouvé "Revitalizing Eye Concentrate".

"No-makeup makeup look"

Subsequently, Zoë Kravitz dedicates her makeup – a "no-makeup makeup look", as she calls it. Step 1 is primer: She dabs it carefully onto the T-zone, under the eyes and to the side of the nose, then blends some concealer over it. Then it’s on to the eyebrows, which she once plucked far too thinly when she was 15, as she recounts: "My mother yelled at me – God bless her – and said that she would be angry if I touched my eyebrows again." 17 years later, the eyebrows have long since grown back, but the model uses an eyebrow pencil to make them a little fuller.

Kravitz then uses a fine eyeliner to emphasize her lower waterline and paints a mini wing in the corner of her eyes. Her trick is to wipe the tip of the eyeliner further out with her finger. This makes the color a little softer, the end sharper and the wing slightly longer. On the eyelids and cheeks, she adds some cream blush from Nudestix and highlighter, which she also applies with her fingers. With nude-colored lip liner, which she dabs in the center of her lower lip to visually create more volume, and matching lipstick, she completes her “no makeup” look. Then she adds a little coconut oil to her hair and body, and that’s it for her beauty routine, la Zo " Kravitz!