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Witch hair on the chin: What is witch hair and what is the best way to remove the annoying facial hair? Here are the answers!

Beautiful, radiant and flawless skin – this is probably the dream of every woman. Jade rollers, numerous creams and face masks or peelings – by now there are plenty of products and treatments that promise us a healthy skin appearance. But what should we do if small hairs suddenly form on our face? Superfluous hairs, no matter where on the body, are really annoying, but it becomes especially annoying when they appear where they don’t belong at all. Facial hair, still known as witch hair, is not only a problem of grannies and men, but also women of all ages. The name alone sounds creepy and reminds us of the evil witches from fairy tales. Don’t know how you could remove witch hair from your chin? We’ve done some research for you and explain below the best methods to get rid of those pesky hairs!

Witch hair on the chin: what are witch hairs?

how to shave witch hair on chin facial hair causes

First, let’s get one thing straight: Although witch hair on the chin looks quite distressing and unsightly, it is not something we should worry about. You already know how to remove wrinkles with baby Botox. But what are witch hairs? Witch hairs are individual facial hairs that sprout mainly on the chin or from a mole. Unlike a lady’s beard on the upper lip or the natural hair fuzz, witch hairs on the chin are usually dark and much longer than the rest of the facial hair. Unfortunately, the annoying hairs are very difficult to pull out and usually grow back quickly after plucking.

Common causes of facial hair

what are witch hairs remove facial hair on chin home

The most common reason for witch hair on the chin is usually genetic predispositions or hormonal disorders, especially estrogen deficiency or increased testosterone levels. For this reason, women going through menopause are particularly often plagued by witch hairs. Since extreme weight changes have a negative effect on hormone balance, overweight or underweight women can also be affected. In addition, certain diseases or medications can also promote the formation of facial hair. According to medical experts, however, a genetic predisposition can also be the reason for the unwanted witch hairs. If more and more hairs appear on the chin, this can be an indication of Cushing’s syndrome and in this case you should definitely consult a doctor.

How to remove witch hair on the chin?

Witch hair on chin laser facial hair menopause causes

Although almost every woman gets witch hair on her chin at some point in her life, that doesn’t mean we have to put up with it. Fortunately, there are some proven methods to remove the bristly facial hair.

Pluck off facial hair with tweezers

Remove facial hair with tweezers Remove witch hair from chin

We use tweezers to shape our eyebrows . Therefore, it also makes sense that we can use them to remove the annoying witch hair on our chin. In doing so, you won’t get rid of the facial hair for good and it will grow back, but at least for 3-4 weeks you will have some peace. To numb the area, you can first lightly rub it with an ice cube. But be careful – you should not pluck witch hairs from moles with tweezers. Plucking can cause severe inflammation and irritation, which can cause the skin cells to change.

Shave off witch hair on the chin

shave facial hair remove witch hair on chin home remedy

The men shave their beard. So, of course, it stands to reason that ladies can treat their facial hair the same way. After all, the razor is always a safe and painless way to get rid of hair on the body. But similar to the legs, the witch hair on the chin is not completely removed from the root with the razor, but only superficially. The bristly hair usually grows back after 4-5 days. However, if you have sensitive skin, it is better to avoid this method or be very careful. In some cases, shaving can cause inflammation or skin irritation.

Waxing or epilating

how to get rid of witch hair on chin facial hair lasers

Witch hair on the chin can also be removed with cold or hot waxing or with an epilator. Although these methods are not particularly painless, they do ensure that the annoying facial hair does not grow back for at least 4 weeks. However, irritation and redness can quickly occur here as well, which is why you should moisturize the affected area with plenty of moisture afterwards. A gentler and equally effective alternative to remove witch hairs are depilatory creams from the drugstore. Meanwhile, there are many products for sensitive facial skin.

Laser witch hairs

Witch hair on chin causes facial hair removal home

Tired of waxing or plucking? To remove witch hair on the chin in the long term, laser therapy with a specialist can help. The light pulses destroy the hair roots so that the facial hair can no longer grow back. Depending on how strong the hair is, several treatments may be necessary and prices per session range from 50 to 100 euros. However, you should not laser witch hairs from birthmarks, as this can damage the tissue around the hair. In this case, it would be best to have the birthmark surgically removed by a dermatologist.

Why do witch hairs grow from birthmarks?

what is witch hair on chin remove facial hair from birthmark

It gets really nasty and distressing when the witch hairs grow from a mole. However, this is not a cause for concern and facial hairs do not pose a health risk. Birthmarks are congenital pigment disorders or in simpler terms – the skin cells are altered. These cellular disorders often cause other cells to form in the same place and thus witch hairs are formed from birthmarks.

witch hair birthmark causes how to remove facial hair on chin