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Winter skin care for older women: With these tips ladies from 60 and 70 care for their mature skin properly!

Aging is one of the most natural things in the world. And while you’re likely to get a little wiser as you age, ladies want their skin to look as young as they feel. The harsh winter weather can be especially damaging to the sensitive skin of older people. Freezing temperatures and cold winds can quickly strip the skin of its vital moisture. Along with the many other factors that affect the skin’s condition, skin needs a little extra attention at this time of year. What is the right skin care in winter for older women from 60 and 70, we reveal below! Here are the most important tips that will give your skin a warm and radiant look even in the coldest and darkest time of the year.

Proper skin care in winter for older women – wash your face before going to bed

Proper skin care in winter for older women - wash your face before going to bed

Dry skin is one of the most common problems for women over 60 and 70, as the skin gets drier with age because older ladies have fewer sebaceous glands. Avoid further drying by cleaning it gently and sparingly. Washing once a day is enough. One of the best ways to reduce dry skin is to wash your face every night before bed – but without soap, mild cleansers, for example, are suitable for this. Soap strips the skin of the natural oils it needs to stay healthy. If you wear makeup, you can remove it with an oil-based cleanser before bed. Also, drink plenty of water!

Tip: Wash with warm rather than hot water.

Winter skin care from 60 and 70 – don’t spend too long in the tub.

A hot bath can be very relaxing – but if you stay in the tub too long, you may dry out your skin. If you like long and extensive baths, use a pleasant bath oil or apply a moisturizer to your body when you get out of the tub and your skin is still a little damp.

Care for mature skin – vitamin C serum as an anti-aging tip.

Vitamin C serums can be used all year round, but in winter, when your skin often looks dull, you will notice the difference especially clearly. The serum makes your complexion appear brighter and more radiant, and helps with fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

Rich, firming face cream for women 60 and 70+.

Rich, firming face cream for ladies from 60 and 70

Older skin loses moisture much more easily and dryness is a direct or contributing cause of many types of skin conditions. Therefore, it is important to moisturize the skin during the winter months. Some beauty secrets have stood the test of time. The best moisturizers contain a blend of emollients and fatty acids that mimic the skin’s lipids. Choose an occlusive day cream to create a barrier that locks in moisture and prevents water loss.

Tip: Apply facial moisturizer from top to bottom, never bottom to top. Moisturize immediately after showering or bathing with a high-quality moisturizer to lock in moisture. Don’t forget your lips either , especially before you head out for a winter dose of vitamin D!

Winter skin care for older women – moisturizing oil.

Mature skin care from 60 and 70 - moisturizing oil.

Moisturizing oils are perfect for winter skin care because they are just an extra step that helps lock in moisture from your other products. And your skin will look extra fresh and radiant.

Apply sunscreen even in winter

Skin care in winter for older women - With these tips ladies from 60 and 70 take care of their mature skin properly

This is perhaps the most important thing you can do for your skin! To protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays, dermatologists recommend that you apply a waterproof broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to your face and uncovered skin when you go outdoors. Also, protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses with 100 percent UV protection when you’re outside in daylight. This will also help you avoid blinking, which can lead to crow’s feet.

Use a sunscreen under makeup , even those that purport to contain SPF. Most people do not apply enough sunscreen to achieve the advertised level of protection. Layers are better!

Winter skin care for older women – gentle exfoliation.

Gentle exfoliation can help remove dead skin cells that have accumulated from the dry winter air. This will make your skin look more radiant and allow moisturizer to be better absorbed after cleansing.

Care for and cover mature skin

Skin care in winter for older women - cover mature skin

Before you go outdoors, cover as much skin as possible. The skin on your hands and feet is especially susceptible to frostbite and cold burns. Don’t forget to protect your ears, neck and face as well. Put on warm layers and try to pull an insulating, windproof fabric over them on particularly cold or windy days. This will help you avoid painful, cracked skin.

Tip: Cover your face and use a petroleum-based lip balm. Skin protectants that contain petroleum and creams with ceramides are also effective.