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Wind and weather creams for children in the “Ökotest” – 2 fail

Children’s skin is sensitive. On cold days, they can be protected from the elements with wind and weather creams for babies. As a rule, parents do not have to worry about problematic ingredients. This was the result of a laboratory evaluation of 20 creams by the magazine “Ökotest” (issue 11/2021).

18 products of the wind and weather creams scored "good" or "very good". However, two products failed because they contain kerosenes, for example. These are mineral-based fats that contain so-called aromatic mineral hydrocarbons (MOAH) – as in the case of the two creams analyzed. Among the MOAHs, carcinogenic compounds can also be present in principle, according to the data.

Read list of ingredients

Parents can, however, recognize kerosenes when buying such creams from the list of ingredients on the packaging or in the package insert. They are listed there as paraffinum, petrolatum, isohexadecane or cera microcristallina.

In one product, the laboratory also found the problematic substance BHT: butylhydroxytoluene. The substance is suspected of acting like a hormone – and parents can also read about it in the list of ingredients.

Addition "nano" missing

Two products in the test also contained zinc oxide, which also appears in the list of ingredients. What was missing, however, according to the critics of the "&Oumotest" was the addition "nano." Since the risks of nanomaterials have not yet been clarified, according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation this addition must be listed if more than half of the tiny particles are between 1 and 100 nanometers in size. This was the case with the analyzed products containing zinc oxide.

Which wind and weather creams were tested?

  • Babydream Wind and Weather Cream from Rossmann
  • Babylove Wind & Weather Cream Sensitive from Dm
  • Beauty Baby Wind & Weather Cream from Müller
  • Baby balm for wind and weather from Das Boep
  • Wind & Weather cream Sensitiv from Bübchen
  • Elkos Babyglück wind & weather cream from Edeka
  • Mother & child wind & weather cream from Grüne Erde.
  • Hello World Wind & Weather Cream from Euco (Budni)
  • Baby Wind & Weather Balm from Jean & Len
  • Baby balm wind & weather from Junglück
  • Lenz baby & child weather protection balm from Die Regionalen (natural goods store)
  • Baby wind & weather cream from Mabyen
  • Baby wind & weather cream from Penaten
  • Baby Wind & Weather Balm from Weleda
  • Babysanft Wind & Weather Balm Sensitive from Hipp
  • Lasepton Baby Wind & Weather Protection Cream from Apomedica (Pharmacy)
  • Wind & Weather cream sun protection factor 15 from Paediprotect
  • Babycare marigold ointment wind & weather from Töpfer
  • Babies & Kids wind & weather cream from Doctor Duve
  • Wind & Weather cream from Nivea Baby

Why are the creams useful?

Since at low temperatures the sebaceous glands no longer work properly, the skin receives less skin oil or, in extreme cold, none at all. However, this is the main component of the skin’s natural protective layer. And baby and children’s skin produces less oil than that of adults anyway. The result: without the oily protective film, the skin evaporates more water. Heating air can dry it out even more. The skin itches, tightens and small cracks can develop.


Wind and weather cream tested: Not all ingredients are safe (Issue 11/2021)

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