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Why do you actually get stretch marks?

Fine, white stretch marks on the thighs, stomach, legs or buttocks are probably familiar to most. In fact, the small tissue cracks have very different causes, but are completely normal. Can they still be prevented? Tikbow asked the dermatologist.

How do stretch marks happen?

Stretch marks occur when the subcutaneous tissue ripens, for example, when a teenager grows rapidly or when the abdomen expands rapidly in other circumstances. But buttocks, legs, upper arms and breasts can also show the fine lines. The cause is usually weak connective tissue. If the body changes extremely quickly, the skin is stretched too quickly and small tears appear.

Can tissue tears be avoided?

The answer of the Münchener dermatologist Dr. med. Josef mushroom fällt clearly from: "Unfortunately, no", says the expert. Unlike cellulite, which can be prevented at least to a certain extent by promoting blood circulation, stimulating the lymphatic system and supporting the connective tissue, nothing can be done about stretch marks. Even Öl, which is supposed to have a preventive effect, cannot penetrate into the lower skin layers, according to Dr. Pilz. His only tip for pregnant women: "Try to keep your weight as constant as possible and return to normal relatively soon after pregnancy, then most stretch marks will disappear on their own;

Stars stand öffentlich to stretch marks

Stretch marks are completely normal – also more and more celebrities stand öffentlich to the alleged flaw. For example, former Victoria’s Secret model Gizele Oliviera confidently showed herself with stretch marks under the hashtag #showyourtigerstripes.

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Countless stars joined her, including Kylie Jenner, Ashley Graham, Chrissy Teigen or Rihanna.

More and more online retailers are moving away from retouching the fine white lines. Asos, for example, is now doing away with Photoshop and the like altogether and is showing models with stretch marks in swimwear campaigns.

Tips to conceal stretch marks

Those who are still bothered by the supposed blemish can use one or two tricks. Ointments with vitamin A, which are also used to care for scars, help to reduce the visibility of the cracks. The stripes also appear less präsent on burned skin – so a good self-breast can already provide a remedy here. At the same time, the tissue should always be well supplied with blood; alternating showers, light massages or microneedling can have a supporting effect here.