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What really helps with large pores?

When facial skin is not even and constantly shiny, often neither expensive creams, home remedies such as ice cubes, nor self-mixed cucumber masks show a lasting effect. Tikbow asked an expert for tips and tricks that refine the skin’s appearance and help against large pores.

Why do we have pores at all?

Apart from pimples, large pores are one of the most unwelcome blemishes, which is why many people would like to do without their pores completely – although they have a very useful function. Tanja C. Fischer, dermatologist from Berlin, explains to Tikbow: “Pores are small openings that occur in countless numbers in the human skin. They are small channels through which the body secretes sebum. This sebum serves to keep the top layer of skin, the so-called horny layer, and also the hair supple. In addition, sebum production also has an important protective function, according to the expert. Sebum is important for protecting the skin against diseases, bacteria and environmental influences.

How do enlarged pores occur?

The size of the skin pores is mainly genetically determined. People who tend to have oily skin tend to have larger pores and are also more susceptible to pimples, acne and impurities in general," reveals Dr. Fischer. In addition, pore size is influenced by environmental factors such as UV rays, personal lifestyle (nicotine, stress, alcohol, unhealthy diet) and the natural aging process. In certain phases of life, such as puberty, pregnancy or menopause, sebum production is increased due to hormonal changes, the expert says.

The right care routine for large pores

The face should not be washed too frequently. Twice a day in the morning and in the evening is sufficient, and a greasy, pH-neutral cleanser is optimal. Large pores are not a consequence of impurity. The general rule for skin care is to avoid creamy and greasy textures, preferring light fluids or refreshing and moisturizing gels. For very oily skin that produces a lot of sebum and has large pores, products with high doses of retinol (vitamin A) are recommended. Products with zinc, silicon and salicylic acid also have a sebum-regulating effect.

Clarifying face masks, for example with healing clay, help to refine the pores. They stimulate blood circulation and promote the elimination of excess sebum. The mask should bind to clogged pores and blackheads and then become solid. Thus, the impurities are easily pulled out of the skin directly when the mask is removed.

Make-up clogs pores and encourages pimples

There are many pore minimizers on the market. However, these can only visually conceal enlarged pores instead of really reducing them. The polymers contained in these products are placed in the pore and prevent the light from refracting into the hollow. Primers and make-up bases have a similar effect. Make-up should be used sparingly and rarely. With large-pored skin, foundation often remains stuck in the pores, which makes it look even larger and results in an unsightly overall appearance.

It is best to conceal blemishes only in places with a concealer instead of covering the entire face with makeup. Alternatively, it is advisable to use a light BB or CC cream instead of foundation. One thing is important, especially for large pores: light protection. Because when the skin ages faster, it becomes flabby and the pores expand even more.

Professional treatment for large pores

The chemical peeling

The top layer of skin is removed by means of fruit acids. This then regenerates and looks fresher, younger and finer, making the pores appear smaller. Tanja C. Fischer, M.D., explains: “This method is not completely safe, however, and should always be carried out by an expert, because if the concentration of acid is too high, the skin is damaged and scars can remain: The skin may be cracked and peeling for days.


This method is often combined with chemical peeling. The top layer of skin is also removed mechanically with a grinding head with a diamond attachment, which reduces the size of the pores and makes the skin look smoother.

Laser treatment

In a treatment lasting about 40 minutes, collagen production and the formation of new skin cells are stimulated in a similar way to chemical peeling. As a result, pore size is reduced and the complexion looks more even. Advantage: The method is gentler and the skin heals faster. Only shortly after the treatment the face is slightly flushed.

Home remedies for large pores

In addition to products that can be purchased, there are also some home remedies that refine the appearance of the skin. Apple cider vinegar, for example, neutralizes the skin, has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. To use, simply mix apple cider vinegar with water in a ratio of 1:3 – otherwise the mixture can quickly become too aggressive for the skin. Then dab the face with the solution and leave it on for 10 – 20 minutes. Sage is also suitable for the treatment of large pores, simply use some sage tea as a facial tonic. Healing clay and tea tree also promise to refine the appearance of the skin.