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What helps against mouth wrinkles? So easy you can prevent them or reduce existing wrinkles!

Gray hair, pigmentation spots and, of course, wrinkles – the biggest enemies of women! And yet they can not be prevented. However, you can delay the formation of wrinkles with simple means, and even reduce, if not remove those already present. We would like to explain to you with a few simple tips how you should organize your everyday life if you want to remove and, above all, prevent facial wrinkles and, among them, mouth wrinkles. What helps against mouth wrinkles? These simple to follow tips against wrinkles can prove to be very effective!

What helps against mouth wrinkles – Prevent skin aging with a healthy lifestyle

What helps against mouth wrinkles - Tips for a healthy lifestyle

You won’t be surprised to learn that a healthy lifestyle can also slow down the formation of smile lines around your mouth. So you don’t need an anti-aging miracle drug or even Botox right away, you should just follow these rules that will do good not only for your skin, but for your body in general:

Water hydrates the skin

What helps against wrinkles around the mouth - water for better blood circulation

Some people can’t hear it anymore, but it still needs to be said again: Always drink enough water. This is what the body needs to function well and, of course, the skin also benefits from it. A full 80% of the skin is made up of water and it needs it to stay elastic. Healthy fluids, including unsweetened teas, stimulate circulation and this benefits the skin cells.

Remove wrinkles around the mouth with the right care

On the other hand, if the skin suffers from a lack of fluids, it cannot remain elastic and is more prone to wrinkles. It looks dry, dull and can even form cracks and scales. But how much water is right? Stick to at least 1.5 liters per day, 2 liters would be even better. In this way, you can wonderfully prevent wrinkles as well as fight already existing light wrinkles from the inside.

Sun protection against wrinkles – Protect yourself from UV rays

Sun protection for the skin prevents wrinkles

Sun is important for the skin and the body, for sure. It is the one thanks to which the body can create vitamin D. However, you should use the sun’s pleasant rays wisely, because UV rays are very harmful. Namely, they promote the formation of so-called free radicals and also damage collagen, which is one of the factors responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Too much of a good thing, i.e. the sun’s rays, can accordingly promote wrinkle formation and skin aging in the long run.

You can easily prevent this by always applying a sunscreen, not only in the summertime and at the beach, but also at all other times of the year and even when it is cloudy. Clouds cannot block UV radiation.

Nicotine is poison – also for the skin!

What helps against mouth wrinkles - Quit smoking for less upper lip wrinkles

Various harmful substances in the smoke of cigarettes and other tobacco products have a very negative effect on general health – including the skin. On the one hand the good blood circulation, on the other hand the collagen formation is disturbed. The result is a faster aging skin. In addition, especially the typical smoker’s wrinkles, i.e. upper lip wrinkles, are promoted. So do your body a favor and better leave this bad habit.

The harmful substances of tobacco promote facial wrinkles

Alcohol, if at all, in moderation

Alcohol upsets the fluid balance of the body

Many enjoy a glass of wine now and then in the bath or else with dinner, and others don’t want to give up their beer after work. This is also not a big problem, as long as it does not become a habit and the quantities are acceptable . How exactly does alcohol damage our skin?

Fewer wrinkles without anti-aging miracle cures - avoid harmful substances in everyday life

As you may know, alcohol deprives our body of fluid and this, as we have already explained, is important for the elasticity of our skin. Alcoholic beverages therefore disrupt healthy fluid balance, but not only that. At the same time, they also deprive us of important nutrients that our skin needs to stay healthy.

What helps against mouth wrinkles – Regular and proper skin care.

What helps against mouth wrinkles - Peelings stimulate the formation of new skin cells

Massages, scrubs for the face and appropriate creams or serums are also a key and remedy for wrinkles around the mouth. By removing the dead skin cells, exfoliation also stimulates the production of new ones. The skin is tightened in a natural way. The choice is yours – use store-bought scrubs or prepare your own. Hyaluronic acid is also a good remedy for facial wrinkles and is included in many creams. Such creams and serums are also best worked in with proper massage – another important point regarding skin care that you can use to reduce and prevent mouth wrinkles. What helps against wrinkles around the mouth?

What helps against mouth wrinkles - massages and gymnastics to tighten facial skin

Namely, tapping movements are appropriate, as you will stimulate blood circulation. In addition to this, you can perform other massage movements and gymnastics by inflating the cheeks and also performing tapping movements with your fingers. Breathe out deeply and let the air out of the cheeks as well. Do 10 repetitions. There is even yoga for the face, which has a skin tightening effect and thus can also work against wrinkles. In this article you will find a few suitable exercises that you can do.

If you want to make up away the wrinkles after the daily care routine, you can follow the tips from our article.